Check Out These Cats Riding Subways in Different Countries


Did you see the news story the other week about a cat who was discovered traveling around Tokyo on the subway? Apparently this city-savvy feline has been regularly taking the Seibu Ikebukuro Line since 2013 as he galavants around town and runs his daily errands.

Let’s take a look at him in full on subway surfing action.

Image via Twitter.

He’s displaying fine public transport etiquette, right? I’m especially pleased to see that’s he’s following the cardinal rule of never sitting directly next to someone if there is the opportunity to leave a full seat space between you both. It’s just common decency, as this feline citizen of the world clearly understands.

Taking inspiration from Tokyo’s subway cat, here’s a spotlight on some of the world’s other renowned subway kitties.

Big Apple riding

Image via Twitter.

This dozing dude has been captured riding the New York City subway. Even a cup of scalding hot coffee rolling around on the car’s floor cannot disturb his moment of serenity.

A Toronto treasure

Image via Twitter.

This is McLovin. According to Internet lore, he travels around the city in tandem with the Toronto Cat Guy. He also seems to be quite fascinated with the greasy pizza box someone’s shoved under his seat. How uncouth!

Mind the human

Image via Twitter.

Just two cats riding the shoulders of their subservient humans while traversing the subway in Berlin, Germany. Nothing else to see here, please move on. Oh, and maybe don’t try this at home.

Year of the turkey

Image via Twitter.

I’d like to hope that this photo, snapped in Turkey, is picture proof of a daring new public transport initiative that allows subway cats to hop off at select stops and chow down on a free street snack.

McLovin’s lovin’ it

Image via Twitter.

Here’s some more of our new friend, McLovin. It was snapped back during the holiday season, where he was presumably out and about doing some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Scratch that!

Image via Twitter.

The snap was taken at the New York Transit Museum, which houses a collection of preserved subway cars through the ages. A couple of cats also live there in a bid to help ward off vermin. Unfortunately, these diligent workers are also fond of sharpening their claws on the vintage seat cover fabrics. D’oh!

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