Catster Readers Start a Photo Trend: “If It’s Lit — I Sits!”


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We’ve told you about the photo trend known as “If It Fits, I Sits!” It depicts cats who’ve stuffed themselves into all sorts of awkward positions to sleep or just recline. There has even been a book by this title.

Today we bring you another trend, started by Catster readers. We’re calling it, “If It’s Lit, I Sits!” The “lit” denotes literature — magazines, books or even in one case a workbook for composing music. Here are the cat owners’ comments and the photos.

How am I supposed to actu- ally read my newest edition of Catster that arrived today? This is my (almost) 3-year-old, Ganondorf.
— Sara Marie

“What? I was just sleeping,” says Ganondorf.

This is my orange tabby, Biscuits. She loves Catster magazine as much as I do! — Melissa Kirkup

Maybe Biscuits loves Catster for a different reason than her human …

The following photo came in without a comment from reader Boni Bates — but the situation speaks for itself.

“Don’t take it away! I’m just getting started!”

This is our cat Sylvester. Just like the cartoon character, he is always stealing the spotlight. One day, I was entering in hymns for my church on my laptop. I had the hymnal sitting in front of my screen and began typing. Sylvester came along and sat on the hymnal, so I snapped a picture of him. I put the picture on the TV screens at church the next Sunday, and the congregation just went crazy.
— Scott and Aileen Bowman

“Why do you need to write music when you have a cat to pet?” asks Sylvester.

Do your cats block you from your printed materials? Tell us about it, and leave a photo.

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