Cats vs. Dogs, a Competition for the Ages


It seems like all lovers of domesticated, four-legged mammals should be able to get along, but the unending rivalry of cats vs. dogs continues to rage. As humans, we can’t seem to agree on which pet is smarter, more affectionate, easier to care for — a series of dizzying comparisons that have failed to reach any satisfactory conclusion.

Admittedly, saying that kittens are cuter than puppies is kind of like arguing that a left-foot massage is better than one on the right. But whether cats and dogs fight over beds, food, toys, or belly rubs from their human servants, the hard evidence of who comes out on top of this battle royale is in the photographs.

While these snapshots of cats and dogs giving each other the smackdown or the side-eye should not be used to make any major life decisions, they should absolutely help you decide whether to put off affixing the cover sheets to those TPS reports for another 10 minutes (if you’re struggling, the answer is yes, you should; looking at animal pictures actually boosts your productivity).

Whether you choose to adopt a kitten or a puppy (or an adult or senior cat or dog) all comes down to what pet is best for you, but today’s winner of cats vs. dogs will be determined by what we can reasonably discern from these adorable pictures. Let the battle commence!

1. Meet the Competitors

Photo by This Year's Love / Flickr
Photo by This Year’s Love / Flickr

Naturally, any battle wouldn’t be complete without a thoughtful photo of the feline and canine competitors staring wistfully off into the distance, like someone nearby is hoarding a fistful of treats that they’ll pass out once the photo shoot is complete. These dogs may have a size advantage, but I’d still put my money on that kitty in the background. He looks like he knows something we don’t.

2. Good Luck Making a Cat and a Dog Get Along

Photo by Sephiroty Magno Fiesta / Flickr
Photo by Sephiroty Magno Fiesta / Flickr

This photo proves that cats have dogs beat when it comes to sheer swagger and ferocity — and for good reason. Science recently determined that cats are superior to dogs, at least from an evolutionary perspective; felines have played a “significant role” in making 40 dog species extinct, while dogs have utterly failed to return the favor.

3. Single Dog Seeks Affection

Photo by la prosperite / Flickr
Photo by la prosperite / Flickr

This kitty has claimed the best seat in the house — that is, the spot on the couch right next to the human, who can offer belly rubs and occasional bites of people food. Meanwhile, the dog is just waiting for the cat to get up and use the litter box so he can make his move. We can’t see the cat’s face, but I’ll bet her expression says, “Try me.”

4. Cat vs. Dog: Who is More Intelligent?


Okay, so dogs can smell malignant tumors, help solve crimes, and learn to understand more than 100 words — but this cat had enough foresight to hop on the couch, gaining the obvious advantage in this scuffle. One look at the dog’s ears tells us everything we need to know — that is, kitty wins this round.

5. Kitty Perpetuates Unending Rivalry

Photo by star5112 / Flickr
Photo by star5112 / Flickr

This cat is so firmly entrenched in her hatred of all things canine that she can’t help but let out a hearty hiss at the sight of this plush stuffed dog. In this case, the aggression of our feline hero might be a little misguided, but one thing is for sure — I’d definitely put my money on her in a real fight.

6. Canine Altruism vs. Feline Danger

Photo by choubb / Flickr
Photo by choubb / Flickr

It can be said that dogs are naturally altruistic — they want to help humans by retrieving their shoes and accompanying them on walks to keep them safe. Cats, however, have an inherent air of danger, the kind of swagger that says, “Mess with me and you’re dead.” The cat and dog in this photo are nearly identical in size and fluffiness — but I’d still place my bet on the kitty to win this fight based solely on his icy stare.

7. The War of the Diaries

Photo by Adam Tekoa / Flickr
Photo by Adam Tekoa / Flickr

We’ve all seen the diaries “written” by a cat and a dog detailing their widely varying perspectives on domesticity. The dog, of course, thinks every day is the best day ever, while the cat believes he is being held captive by a cruel and sadistic kidnapper. Here is a photo to illustrate that dichotomy, wherein a curious dog and a suspicious cat have opposite reactions to the same encounter.

8. Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

Photo by photogramma1 / Flickr
Photo by photogramma1 / Flickr

If one thing can be said in favor of the cliche “fighting like cats and dogs,” it’s the tenacity contained therein. Even if they’ve gotta climb fences and get way out of their comfort zones, they’re gonna get each other. There is no way a feline vs. canine showdown is ending in a truce and a friendly handshake. No, there will be humiliation and mouthfuls of fur before this contest is said and done.

9. Debate to Divide Animal Lovers

Photo by kimberly kuhn / Flickr
Photo by kimberly kuhn / Flickr

The cat seems to have the obvious advantage in this fight. While the dog looks on, his eyes percolating with panic, the kitty stretches out on a platform in front of a sign that reads “I love cats” to calmly wash his face. He’s definitely taunting his canine counterpart. This fight is far from over.

10. Let’s End with a Cuddle Puddle

Photo by Roger H. Goun / Flickr
Photo by Roger H. Goun / Flickr

The “cats vs. dogs” quarrel will likely never reach a satisfactory conclusion. So how about we take a moment and appreciate the fact that even sworn enemies can put aside their differences and snuggle for a little while? It might take some doing, but our pets are proof that it is possible for us all to just get along — at least for the next 20 minutes or so, until one of them grunts too loudly or looks at the other the wrong way.

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