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Cats vs. Christmas Trees: You Know How This Will End

These photos prove that when it comes to felines and festive trees, there's only one winner, right?

Phillip Mlynar  |  Dec 23rd 2015

We picked up our Christmas tree the other day. It’s a fine fern and has been suitably adorned with ornaments and lights and whatnot. Surprisingly, the cat, Mimosa, has shown little interest in attacking it this year. Maybe it’s because the heat has been turned on and she’s decided to concentrate her efforts worshiping her new god, the radiator.

Anyway, while Mimosa’s slacking on her tree-attacking duties this year, here’s what her pals are doing to help continue the good fight this Christmas.

A classic maneuver


Image via Instagram.

First up, this ginger scamp is demonstrating how to master that most daring stunt of all, the tree-top conquer. Apparently this was Flynn’s first dalliance with a Christmas tree. That’s some fine shenaniganing going on, and a guaranteed fast track to the naughty list.

Once more with feeling


Image via Instagram.

What Benny the Kitten lacks in poise, he makes up for with attitude. Extra points for the way he’s trying to appear like he’s happily lounging on the branches when you know he’s far from comfortable. And possibly stuck.

Ornamental fun


Image via Instagram.

Our friend Jarvis here is keeping with the classic pranks by demonstrating a textbook ornament attack. He just knows that with repeated batting he’ll finally unleash that blue bauble. Minutes of fun!

The war is on


Image via Instagram.

This white-and-black chap with the possibly unfortunate mustache marking is taking a political approach to the annual Christmas hijinks. He is so dismayed that his humans have chosen to put their faith in a plastic tree that he’s decided to conduct his own sit-in. No surrender, no tree.

Youthful invasion


Image via Instagram.

On the other hand, this youthful frontline soldier is chomping at the bit to launch his first ever attack at that poor, unsuspecting Christmas tree light.

Tick, tick …


Image via Instagram.

Let’s salute this tuxedo veteran as a minister of propaganda. We all know he is directly responsible for toppling this tree, but he still sits there in a cat loaf position with a totally disinterested look on his face as if nothing at all is amiss.



Image via Instagram.

This enthusiastic all-black feline, however, cannot wait to claim the war treasure from his wanton destruction. Bravo!

The best-laid plans


Image via Instagram.

Cat on a shelf above a countertop, staring at a tall tree that’s just about within pouncing distance. Oh, this is going to end well, indeed.

An actual smart plan


Image via Instagram.

Touché to this canny kitty for deciding to go forth with an underground attack on the tree skirt. Once he starts getting fully under the glittering fort, fantastic damage will naturally ensue.

Let’s wrap this up


Image via Instagram.

Love the gumption of this precocious Tortie, but let’s be honest, this is one kitty who has no idea how she got inside the tree. It’s probably not going to resolve itself in a clean and orderly fashion.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.