Cats Use Twitter to Deliver Their Clear “NO!” Vote on Brexit


Brexit: The term has dominated international news lately, but what do you think it would mean to a cat? We first conjured a cat getting caught eating the remaining morning food from another cat’s bowl. When he got caught, he would promptly brexit — as in, exit the breakfast area quickly. Breakfast + exit = brexit. Right?

Wrong. Brexit is about Great Britain, namely a popular vote tomorrow (Thursday, June 23) on whether Britain will leave or stay part of the European Union. Britain + exit = Brexit.

Next question: Do cats care about this? One would think not. But one would be wrong. The evidence to the contrary populates Twitter through a photo campaign called #CatsAgainstBrexit.

Brexit is definitely not a laughing matter in itself — the issue is suspected of playing a role in a legislator’s assassination — but cats are doing their job keeping life on the lighter side here. Have a look at some of these images and try not to laugh.

First up is this calico, who loves the idea of maintaining fluid borders … but not for the same reasons humans might.


British humans can probably better relate to what has these cats clutching each other in fear.


Meanwhile, this orange-and-white kitty makes a case for embracing diversity.


Here’s a proponent of Brexit, a member of European Parliament, using Grumpy Cat to further his cause.


The thought of leaving the EU has some cats promising protests of a defensive nature.


For other, such as these two tabbies of different color, being part of the EU means strength through unity.


This orange cat fears erosion of human … er, feline rights if Britain leaves the EU.


This little black-and-white cow-cat is among those who were undecided before learning all the facts.


These cats took a vote, and the result has Britain remaining in the EU by a two-to-one margin.


This cat probably believes the whole debate is silly so decided to make fun of it.


Do your cats follow international politics? Which way do they lean on Brexit?

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