Cats Steal the Spotlight at Famed Westminster Dog Show


Not even an exclusive event and exhibition such as the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is safe from the sovereignty of felines destine to take over the world. This year’s combined felines and canines at a weekend event known as Meet the Breeds marks the first time the two species were hosted under the same prestigious banner. The Internet and Westminster spectators alike were abuzz on whether cats deserved a stage at the dog show, others simply confounded by their presence.

A short-haired gray Persian presented by breeders Craig Sharpe and Francisco Carillo. Photo by Brigette Supernova

In years past, the International Cat Association hosted a simultaneous showcase next door to the American Kennel Club’s New York dog show on opening day. But after a long hiatus from the canine circuit, the felines came back this year as a surprise guest at the show’s meet, announced only one month ago.

In an arena teeming with thousands of biased dog fanatics, the cats pulled a large audience of their own.

The Bengals were a popular draw among the felines featured at the Westminster show, surely in part because of owner Anthony Hutcherson’s friendly personality as well as the felines’ indulgence in attention. Photo by Brigette Supernova

The event was relocated from the Javitz Center; this year, New York City’s Pier 94 hosted the majority of canine breed booths and two dog agility courses. And in the middle of Pier 92 was the cat section — nestled between pet insurance and animal behaviorists on one side, and docile Newfoundland and Sheep Dog breeds one the other. Aside from the occasional overly excited pooch attempting to sniff a cat, the felines were nonplussed by all the commotion.

This Maine Coon, presented by breeder David Billingsley, was unimpressed by either enthusiastic dogs or excited humans. Photo by Brigette Supernova

Perhaps more unexpected than cats at the dog show was the presences of cat the agility course. The goal of the feline agility showcase, hosted by International Cat Agility Tournaments, was to demonstrate how easy it is to train a cat to run a course. Unlike dogs, cats have the ability to memorize a course in minutes. Much of the excitement of this cat course is not in their speed of completion, but whether the cats were even motivated to try it and chase a toy through hoops.

Misha, a Sphynx presented by breeder Blake Gipson, performed like a sporty Greyhound on the agility course. Photo by Brigette Supernova

Each feline that took more than five quick steps in the right direction was cheered.

This Minuet kitten, presented by breeder Samantha McConnell, didn’t quite have the courage—or height—to clear the obstacle jumps. Photo by Brigette Supernova

Not surprisingly, the more active cat breeds and those with a higher disposition to chase — Sphynx, Bengal, Bobtail — typically ran the course, or at least parts of it, with vigor and enthusiasm. Some of the fancier breeds and prima donna personalities tended to opt out of the competitive chase and sat atop the course’s stairs, basking in audience adoration.

This Donskoy kitten, presented by breeders Kathryn and Elizabeth Eden, opted to stay in her cozy blanket all day. Photo by Brigette Supernova

Cats at the Westminster Dog Show is more than a novelty. It’s an opportunity to learn more about the often misunderstood species — demonstrate the cats’ compatibility and intelligence. It’s a chance to showcase the distinct beauty of each breed and well as learn about each one’s personality characteristics. And it might even be part a covert mission to persuade more people cats deserve a place in their lives — as companions, divas, jokesters, athletes and adorable 10-pound overlords.

A Peterbald cat, presented by breeder Jackie Rose, models her fancy frock at the Westminster Dog Show, awaiting her human admirers. Photo by Brigette Supernova

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