It’s Independence Day Weekend and These 5 Cats are Properly Psyched


Let’s get real here: Your cat hates all of the holidays, but the Fourth of July is probably at the top of the list. My fancy-pants felines can’t handle it when I open a new trash bag, get up from the couch too quickly, or say their names in a slightly higher-pitched tone than usual, so fireworks turn them into quivering blobs of wide-eyed anxiety. (Check out our tips for keeping your cat calm over the holiday here.)

In honor of this loud, long weekend, here are five cats freaking out over seemingly mundane, everyday occurrences. Have a good laugh, and then give your kitty friend some extra treats. She’s got a long night ahead of her.


It’s well-documented that cats love bags, but it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Case in point: One time I came home to find a trail of destruction leading from the kitchen cabinet straight to a shredded paper bag on the floor. I can only imagine what happened; my guess is it was something like this video.


Much like your awestruck spectators when you use that quarter stick of dynamite to blow up that watermelon tomorrow, this kitten never saw that second lizard coming, a surprise that leads to the most adorable epic meltdown ever.


Ever heard that cats don’t like to walk on tinfoil? The kitty in this video proves the veracity of this oft-spouted claim, becoming so discombobulated by his owner’s attempts to keep him off the countertops that he spontaneously develops the ability to fly.

To this other cat, however? Tinfoil ain’t no thang.


To be fair to this adorable gray fluffball, Granny Smith apples are the most terrifying apples.


Remember when you were a kid, and no one took your fear of alien abduction seriously? Like, when your dad made you watch that movie where the guy gets beamed up and probed, and you were convinced they were going to abduct you in the middle of the night? But when you told your friends, they just laughed at you? (Or maybe that was just me.)

In any case, cats are funny when they wig out, especially when they’re scared of things we know, with our vast wisdom and opposable thumbs, to be no big deal. Hilarity aside, be gentle with your kitty this weekend. She deserves it.

How are you planning to calm your cat during the Fourth of July festivities? Tell us in the comments!

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