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Cats Embrace Ducks for National Rubber Duckie Day

Today (Jan. 13) is National Rubber Duckie Day, so we shine a spotlight on the previously overlooked relationship between cats and ducks.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Jan 13th 2016

On Jan. 13, people around the world will dutifully take time to observe the hallowed event that is National Rubber Duckie Day.

Ancient dogma suggests the first ever rubber duck was created back in the 1800s; well-respected records cite 1886 as the year when a visionary entrepreneur named George H. Nye lodged the first application for a patent for the rubber duck. Since then, a rubber shortage during two world wars briefly halted the rise of the rubber duck, although these days they are a common sight in gift and home furnishing stores.

Curiously, the rubber duck history books have all but avoided any mention of cats — which is a shocking state of affairs, as there is a deep and noble tradition of felines embracing these bathtub-dwelling birds (and, in some cases, their real life counterparts).

Don’t believe me? Here’s irrefutable photo evidence.

A marvel of nature!


Image via Instagram.

Yes, you’ll be very pleased to know that cat-inspired versions of rubber ducks do indeed exist. This tuxedo rubber duck would fit right in at the swankiest hotels around the world.

Celebrate good times, come on!


Image via Instagram.

This calico rubber duck is celebrating her national holiday in the most fitting fashion possible. For the record, that’s definitely a glass of riesling she’s supping and bobbing in.

Let’s get feisty


Image via Instagram.

Of course, the history of cats and rubber ducks hasn’t always been smooth bathtub sailing. As this precocious scamp shows, sometimes it’s good to show your rubber pal who’s really the boss.

Wild times


Image via Instagram.

Likewise, any sighting of an actual real live duck will put even the most mild-mannered of kittens on guard. Just look at the focus in this chap’s eyes!

The cousin of death


Image via Instagram.

Rule No. 1 of cat and rubber duck interaction: Never let your guard down and drift off into a nap if there’s a dinky yellow birdie in your vicinity. Humiliating pics will most certainly ensure.

Grin and bear it


Image via Instagram.

Although sometimes it’s best to simply take a dignified approach to any rubber duck’s persistent shenanigans.

Undercover duck


Image via Instagram.

Is this savvy feline planning a daring undercover rubber duck infiltration mission? Or is he simply showing solidarity with the plight of the modern bathtub dweller? Only history will reveal the true answer.

All in the same gang


Image via Instagram.

Never let it be said that cats and ducks cannot live together in domestic peace. As ever, the sharing of food is key to a harmonious living situation.



Image via Instagram.

I am genuinely ashamed at myself for not realizing that such a marvelous (and highly useful) product existed until now. Thank you, National Rubber Duckie Day.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.