Pix We Love: Architects Take Cat Shelters to the Next Level


Earlier this month, a benefit called Giving Shelter took place in Los Angeles with a bunch of architects showcasing their attempts to construct some of the fanciest outdoor cat shelters ever imagined. The structures themselves have since been donated to the Fix Nation nonprofit group and are being used on private property for the enjoyment of alfresco kitties, so here’s a look back on some of my favorites from the show.

Designed by the Formation Association and Edgar Arceneaux, this Feral Cat Shelter is based around an undulating rib system and is intended to double up as a shelter for stray cats and a bench for a couple of people. Both parties might want to bring their own cushion.

This HOK cat shelter utilizes a pentagonal motif throughout and offers two levels of napping spaces, with the smaller sized units acting as a “home within a home.” The design also has the potential to be easily constructed at home like a piece of Ikea furniture. But possibly sturdier.

The ConCATenate is hinged around “linear processional elements in ascent.” Which in simpler terms means the cat tower wins again, as kitties are offered the opportunity to scale the crisp white and blue levels of the structure.

The brainchild of Standard Architecture, this Cat Cube is formed from concrete and reclaimed wood and aims to satiate a feline’s natural search for warmth as the concrete slowly heats up during the day to keep the unit warm throughout the night. Definitely a cat-approved concept.

The Rubber Fishy is constructed from up-cycled architectural materials like rubber-base samples and plywood scraps. A corrugated cardboard inner-section would have been a cute touch.

Consisting of five aluminum hula hoops, DSH’s Cat’s Cradle is designed to be a lounging center for cats accustomed to the outdoor lifestyle. The blue webbing is rayon.

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