Gwen the Scottish Fold/Manx Mix Is a Lovable Little Poopy Pants


This week’s Monday Miracle is a most adorable little miss poopy pants. Her name is Gwendolyn, she was scooped up from a high-kill Brooklyn Animal Care and Control center, and, yep, she can often be found wearing a diaper. Brace yourself for the insanely high levels of cuteness in this first pic.

Gwen’s backstory makes for messy reading. First, the tiny tailless Scottish Fold/Manx found herself in animal control apparently “stuffed into a small wire cage with a collar callously thrown upon my delicate neck.” Worse still, Gwen was also “covered in diarrhea and urine” which was “scorching my tender kitten skin.”

Gwen’s foster mom, Amy, recalls their first meeting: “When they plunked Gwendolyn’s cardboard carrier down on the counter she was going wild inside, screaming her head off and thrashing around to be let out. I was a bit nervous and was thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?!” She was listed as coming in as a stray and I thought she might be some wild cat that had been roaming the streets of East New York. But when I carefully opened the box, I looked down upon the cutest face I had ever seen. Her screams immediately turned into loud purring and she popped up and started batting at my hair.”

After further medical tests and an X-ray, it turned out Gwen’s insides were fine — but she has no control over her poop and pee functions. So things can get messy when, as Gwen writes on her Facebook page, she ends up going “whenever and wherever I need to go.”

Amy says that Gwen is not too fond of the diapers she’s meant to wear either. “Her back legs are a bit twisted due to her spinal issues and lack of tail and she has no hips to hold diapers on with,” she explains. “Gwen cries when she sees me coming with the diapers, flails wildly while I am putting them on her, and then squiggles out of them laughing at me the moment I let her go.” Amy adds that attempts to use a sock (with arm and leg holes cut out) also haven’t impressed Gwen.

On those occasions when Gwen’s bodily functions go on the rampage, Amy ends up having to bathe her in shampoo. A session with the hairdryer follows.

To help combat Gwen’s bottom indiscretions, she’s on a regimen of medication, antibiotic gel, and a wet food diet that includes additional pumpkin (to, er, “help keep things moving”). Gwen is also a fan of seasonal pumpkin spice lattes — although Amy says she yet to pick a side in the great Starbucks versus Dunkin’ Donuts fall drinks debate.

Despite Gwen’s unusual approach to treating any surface as an impromptu toilet, she’s said to be enjoying her life. Amy says that technically she’s up for adoption although, with her issues, she might be a hard sell. In the meantime, she’s welcome to stay with Amy for the rest of her life.

To keep abreast of Gwen’s development, head over to her Facebook page and commence the cyber stalking.

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