How Cassidy the Kitty Inspired Her Owners to Rescue Special-Needs Cats


When Cassidy the kitten passed away from Manx syndrome in June of last year, his owners were left devastated. He was described as “full of life, love and happiness,” and it seemed like a particularly callous decision to call time early on the young scamp’s days on Earth. Despite grieving over their loss, though, they put the remains of a fundraiser for Cassidy to use saving another cat. Cassidy’s legacy was being kept alive in a fitting feline fashion.

That second cat was named Joe. At first it was thought the one-and-a-half-year-old Joe was the victim of a brutal dog attack, but it transpired that the grisly nature of his neck was due to an untreated allergy.

With the remains of Cassidy’s medical fund, Joe was brought back to tip-top health and he successfully found his forever home.

With news of Cassidy and Joe spreading, the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care and Adoption Center knew who to call when they came across a cat born with “swimmer” legs, named Tiana.

Despite undergoing various forms of treatment that might help her hind legs grow, Tiana is living the life of a content and relaxed cat.

She’s also been testing out a two-wheeled contraption to help her become more mobile.

Once more furthering Cassidy’s legacy, Cassidy’s owners also got Tiana a little sister to keep her company. Named Abbie (from Alabama), this little tyke is missing both of her back paws.

Still, Abbie’s lack of full legs doesn’t stop her teaming up with Tiana for secret undercover adventures. Consider this one a happy ending.

You can follow the future adventures of Tiana and Abbie over at their Facebook page.

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