Sauce and Pasta: One Loves to Explore, the Other to Nap


Sauce and Pasta are two “lovely lady cats” who live what appears to be a charmed life in Los Angeles. Along with possessing snappy culinary-themed names, this duo’s Instagram account plays host to a stream of pictures showcasing the cats lounging in cubby holes, taking naps on couches and attempting to trick their humans into serving up some tuna.

Here’s a snapshot of Sauce and Pasta’s world.

The essence of Sauce

Image via sauceandpasta Instagram

Sauce is said to posses an innate radar when it comes to seeking out closets — particularly if they’re messy. Apparently, she loves nothing more than to rumble and rummage through the disorderly contents, just like she’s doing here as she perches on a wonky stepladder.

Pasta’s vital quest

Image via sauceandpasta Instagram

While Sauce gets up to shenanigans in the closet, you’ll probably find Pasta doing all she can to find a calm and quiet spot for a nap. And don’t think about disturbing her vital slumber. As she sassily warned in the caption to this pic, “Ya need something or are ya gonna let me nap?”

The vinyl frontier

Image via sauceandpasta Instagram

When Sauce is done with her daily closet-exploring jaunt, she likes to add some culture to her feline life by perusing the racks of her humans’ vinyl collection. What chance of a crate digging expedition with confirmed vinyl hound Mischa in the future?

It’s seriously all about the naps with this one

Image via sauceandpasta Instagram

Let’s return to the essential issue of Pasta and her lifelong quest for the perfect nap. According to deep background research, this particular pose appears to be part of the warm-up repertoire she goes through before settling into her “weekend-long power nap.”


Image via sauceandpasta Instagram

Unfortunately, Sauce and Pasta also have to put up with the undignified burden of living with a dog. While the mutt in question looks to be harmless enough, don’t be fooled by its winsome facade. As Sauce was forced to demand, “Please remove that dog and yourself from the room so I may continue napping.” She’s not playing around.


Image via sauceandpasta Instagram

Your regular Sauce and Pasta viewing will now be interrupted to show you a throwback picture of Sauce when she was just a baby cat. Enjoy appropriately.

Tuna tactics

Image via sauceandpasta Instagram

As you make your way through Sauce and Pasta’s Instagram account, you very quickly begin to realize that these are two refined felines who are very serious about their daily demands. Here we have Sauce captured in the middle of lambasting her human for the “lack of tuna in my life.” It’s surely a face to launch a thousand dolphin-friendly, sustainable fishing vessels.

Don’t leave me this way

Image via sauceandpasta Instagram

Every weekday morning when their humans have to get up, get out and go to work, this is the tactic Sauce and Pasta use to try and persuade them to stay home. It definitely deserves a personal day, right?

Check out more of Sauce and Pasta at their Instagram account.

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