Thrasher Is an Aptly Named Adventurer of a White Cat


Thrasher is a trickster. He’s an all-white daredevil kitty who excels at pulling off tricks he’s mastered through the art of clicker training and heading outdoors to go on adventure cat excursions. Understandably, his humans, Jackie and Jordan, like to document this via his Instagram account.

Let’s dig a little deeper into Thrasher’s world.

Thrasher’s origin story

Young Thrasher

Thrasher’s tale begins when a bijou white kitten named Sokka was found as a stray and adopted by Jackie’s brother. Jackie was so inspired by Sokka’s antics that she set about looking for a kitten that she and her husband, Jordan, could take home.

“One day, I opened up Craigslist and saw a listing that had been posted three minutes ago and it was the cutest kitten I had ever seen,” Jackie says. “The moment I saw him, I just knew he was supposed to be in our family.”

One screenshot sent to Jordan later and they officially applied to take little Thrasher home.

Brainstorming a kitten name

The only way is up, baby.

Originally, Thrasher was named Tinsel. Once Jackie and Jordan had taken him home, they considered calling him names including Momo (“too silly”), Yoda (“he isn’t Zen enough for a name like that”), and Albus (“he isn’t so wise and calm”).

Then one day Jordan sent Jackie a selfie of him and the cat with the caption, “Thrasher.”

“For the first few seconds, I was like ‘No, he’s too cute to have a hardcore name like that,'” recalls Jackie. “But then I thought about it, and he’s so psycho and crazy it was perfect.”

A funny feline

Image via thrasher_cat Instagram

When breaking down Thrasher’s personality in more detail, Jackie calls him a super social kitty who is “clever, determined, and playful.”

She adds, “We think he’s funny too, but I don’t think he thinks he’s being funny.”

Click, click, click

Cat is in control.

If you dip into Thrasher’s social media history, you’ll quickly figure out that he’s a cat who’s mastered the art of clicker training. This science-based method aims to condition a kitty to associate the clicking sound with the idea that he’s done something right. At that point he gets a treat.

When it comes to bragging about Thrasher’s most advanced tricks, Jackie mentions his skill of riding a longboard through the house. (They call it “Let’s ride.”) As she says, “He definitely loves that one because it’s a bigger trick, and bigger tricks mean more treats.”

The clicking game

Thrasher doing his high five trick.

If you’re inspired by Thrasher’s clicker skills, Jackie points out that you’ll need time and tolerance if you want to clicker train your own feline.

She explains, “Overall, I would suggest to have patience, be kind, be consistent, keep the training sessions short and around five to 10 minutes at a time.

“Oh, and use treats that are delectable to your kitty.”

Also, an adventure cat

Thrasher out on an adventure.

Beyond his clicking repertoire, Thrasher is also one of the burgeoning number of adventure cats who love posting photos of their outdoors jaunts on Instagram. In his case, he’s been out and about with his humans since he was a kitten.

“We bought him his harness and leash when he was young,” says Jackie. “He would have so much fun exploring outside in the grass, chasing the bugs and birds. As we have taken him out more, you can tell he genuinely loves the outdoors.”

She adds that his favorite trip so far was an escapade to Sedona, Arizona, where they hiked through “beautiful red rocks and tall trees.”

Check out Thrasher’s Instagram for more insights into his world.

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