Is It Just Me, or Do My Cats Look Like Famous People?


Have you ever watched a TV series or movie and found yourself thinking, “Crikey, that actor looks just like my cat”? Call me crazy, but this happens to me quite a lot. And then, just to prove to myself that I am not completely losing my mind, I scour the internet for photos of certain actors to find proof of this.

First up: Janelle, a glamorous shaded golden Persian beauty. A while ago I took some photos of her posing like a pro, appearing to say, “I want to be alone” — hence making the Greta Garbo connection (the line is from the 1932 movie Grand Hotel) and searching the web for a photo of the classic actress in a similar pose. And aren’t both girls equally stunning!

janelle - greta garbo
Persian Cat Janelle posing like a pro as Greta Garbo (Greta Garbo photo credit: unknown photographer)

Next up is Lugosi. Even at age 14, he is still an extremely handsome tabby boy (cats are so lucky they don’t age like us humans!). I have actually seen photos of male models who appear to have copied his feline good looks, but of course, never succeeding to be as gorgeous as the original!

Tim Rozon is an actor who plays The Druid in the TV series Lost Girl, and when I recently saw a photo of him on the Internet, I thought the resemblance to Lugosi was uncanny.

lugosi - tim rozon
Lugosi is just as good looking (if not better) as Actor Tim Rozon from TV Series “Lost Girl” (photo credit:

Ginger queen Ruby Akasha is a fiery redhead — just like her human actress counterpart Deborah Ann Woll, who plays sexy vampire girl Jessica Hamby in the TV series True Blood. Of course, Ruby’s vampire teeth are real and she doesn’t need stick-on fangs to look as good as Jessica!

ruby - deborah ann woll
Ruby looks like vampire actress Deborah Ann Woll from TV series True Blood (Deborah Ann Woll photo credit:

Spider is a rather shy and quiet old boy (and Lugosi’s twin brother). When I spotted young Henry, who is portrayed by actor Jared Gilmore in the TV series Once Upon A Time, I immediately thought of him. He has the same cute and innocent air and looks about him, but just like the character that Jared plays, Spider is stronger than he really puts on!

spider - jared gilmore
Spider looks like Henry (Jared Gilmore) from TV series “Once Upon A Time” (Photo credit:

And it doesn’t have to be actors au naturel either. Sometimes I see a great likeness of my cats to characters in special effects make-up — see Janelle again below, complete with twin goatee beards, bearing a striking resemblance to an alien species called the Wraith from sci-fi TV series Stargate Atlantis.

Janelle as a Wraith (Stargate Atlantis)

If only my cats were earning (me) as much money as the above actors — I would not be writing for Catster to make a living!

Does your cat resemble any famous actors? Let us know in the comments!

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About the Author: Barbarella Buchner — Ailurophile. Geeky Goth Girl. Photographer. Web Designer. Fibromyalgia + RA Sufferer. And totally mad! She originally hails from Germany, then moved to London, and since 2004 has lived on the tropical island of Lanzarote, together with her tabby twins Lugosi & Spider, and ginger queen Ruby Akasha. Apart from being an avid hobby — and sometimes even paid! — photographer, she works as a freelance web and graphic designer. She designed and maintains the 9 Lives Lanzarote website.

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