What Happens When a Pro Photographer Rescues 5 Kittens


Three months ago, Alex Greenshpun, a photographer from Israel, found a cardboard box containing five kittens. The tiny cats were only a couple of weeks old, and they were not in good shape.

“They were dirty, skinny, begging for food and water and trying to escape the boundaries of their cardboard prison, to no avail,” Greenshpun writes on her blog.

Naturally, animal-loving Greenshpun and her partner brought the kittens home — and Greenshpun got out her camera. “Five Wonders,” the resulting series of photographs, documents Greenshpun’s time with the kittens before they were adopted out to their forever families.

The kittens loved Greenshpun as much as she loved them. After settling into their new home, the babies immediately accepted her as their foster mom.

“The moment I entered their room, they’d climb as best they could all over me, competing among themselves for being the first to be fed kitty formula,” Greenshpun writes.

As the kittens regained their health, their unique personalities emerged. Timid Philli always hid at the back of the cat house, not wanting to be photographed. Turns out her shyness was a symptom: Philli required a trip to the vet, antibiotics, and three difficult days of separation from her sisters to get well. Greenshpun says she has grown into “the most regal of the bunch.”

Meanwhile, Ursula and Phoebe became cuddly and playful, respectively. The two best friends were eventually adopted by the same family.

“While Ursula would prefer to spend her day cuddled in someone’s lap, suckling on her own paw (making the most adorable noises at that), Phoebe would rather play hide-and-seek with the others,” Greenshpun writes.

Because no kitten rescue story would be complete without at least one foster failure, Greenshpun and her partner decided to adopt Broonie, whose name is a variation on Brunhilda.

“Broonie got a Viking name for her brave and demanding spirit,” Greenshpun writes. “She was always the first in line to be fed and get cuddles. She would always be the one using my clothes as a climbing wall, getting all the way up to my face. However, she’s also the most cuddly and gentle of them all.”

Titto, the smallest of the bunch, is the last kitten waiting to find her forever home. When she was a baby, Greenshpun worried that Titto was malnourished, so she made sure the tiny cat was always first to get kitten formula. As a result, Titto’s confidence grew along with her appetite. “The transformation was amazing,” Greenshpun writes.

Greenshpun hopes her images serve as a reminder that each life is precious.

“It’s hard to believe just three months ago someone left them to die in a cardboard box, and even harder to imagine what would have happened had we not found them,” Greenshpun says. “Our kittens were lucky, but countless others are not. The important message here is: Spay and neuter your pets. It saves lives.”

To see more of Alex Greenshpun’s photography, follow her on Facebook.

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