Cat People Problems: Does Your Cat Steal Your Spot?


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The editors of Catster Magazine’s print edition are always on the lookout for what we call “cat people problems.” The remarks below are among the responses chosen for the January/February 2017 issue to a question regarding cats stealing their humans’ best spots.

It never fails. You leave your comfy chair for two minutes, only to come back and find that your cat has claimed it for himself. We asked readers: Does your cat always steal your spot? Here are some of the answers we got.

Bitzy the spot thief — and the self-satisfied look she has when you catch her.
— Meri Ross

Bitzy. Happy.

Once, I stood up from the couch and stopped to stretch. My cat had taken my seat before I even took one step away!
— Tayler Kiser

On your feet, lose your seat.
— Sarah Buxton

We are only seat warmers for cats.
— Helen Hong

My cat STALKS my chair — just wait- ing for me to get up.
— Karla Mursu

The cat moves to steal the seat as soon as we move to stand up. It’s a smooth transition with minimal heat loss.
— Sarah Naomi Edwards

These two were in cahoots. [Suspects pictured below.]
— Holly Abbott

Exhibit A

If you want the best seat in our house, you have to move a cat or two.
— Mari Mills

I don’t even bother claiming that I have a spot anymore. According to my cat, I live in her house.
— Shannon Moore

Sometimes he doesn’t even wait for me to get up and leave before he forces his way in!
— Elizabeth Cottam

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