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Each day throughout the holiday season The Cat’s Meow is showcasing an adoptable cat seeking a home for the holidays.

Today’s featured cat is Cosmo, a gorgeous 10-year-old Maine Coon in Milwaukee, WI. Cosmo is declawed, a purrfect choice if you’re fussy about your furniture, draperies and carpets.

Here’s Cosmo’s story:

Cosmo is a 10 year old cat who needs a new home. He’s a lap cat and loving to his owners. Likes a quiet relaxed atmosphere with daily playtime. Not shy but doesn’t like anyone petting him but people he trusts. Cosmo is staying with his family until we can find him a new home, so if you are interested in meeting him, please email us and we’ll coordinate a get-together. He is healthy, neutered and 4-paw declawed.

PetFinder ID: 14799006
Cat Network
Milwaukee, WI

Learn more about Cosmo here.