Call Me Selfish, But I Enjoyed the Recent Break from My Cats


I recently returned from the BlogPaws pet-blogging conference. I was away from home for four nights, and I have a confession to make: I kind of enjoyed the break from my cats. To be fair, I also sort of savored the time away from anyone who depends on me — kids and husband included. It’s not that my human and feline family aren’t the joy of my very existence, it’s just that sometimes Mama needs a little getaway.

I love sharing a bed with my kitties, but a giant bed all to myself, where I can stretch out and sleep in any position without disturbing a four-legged sleeping buddy — well, that’s kind of nice now and again. I’m home now and totally welcome those little bodies flattened right up against me. And by the time I was flying home, I’d missed it terribly. But those few nights of freeform sleeping sure did feel like a treat.

And guess what else? No one wanted breakfast in the morning. Except me, that is. And in the evening, I could cut loose with my friends without having to stay on someone else’s feeding schedule. I have no trouble with my own feeding schedule. I feed just fine … and anytime. And I didn’t have to prepare any meals for myself at the conference. Double bonus!

Another bit about sleeping sans cat in a hotel room: I can leave my food and drink unattended. Drinks without lids, even! Can you imagine? It felt downright wrong to leave the room with half-full cups of water sitting around on tables. I’m sure you’re probably imagining my room full of cups in various states of fullness. Not so much, but I usually had a glass of water and a couple of coffee cups in various locations. There I was, the reckless cat lady in a foreign land! Actually, it was just Nevada, but it felt exotic compared to my Minnesotan suburban homeland.

But don’t you worry — I did get my critter fix. One cool thing about the BlogPaws conference is that quite a few attendees bring their pets. There were all kinds of cuties there: dogs, cats, ferrets, and even a capybara!

If I wanted to snuggle a kitty, I didn’t have to go too far. I even got my paws on a teeny one from Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats. If I wanted to pet an adorable pup, there were opportunities galore. And if I felt like kissing a ferret, well, I could pucker right up. And bonus: The ferret just might be wearing a little bow-tie. Totally not kidding.

I know some of you are thinking, “Wow, she’s a selfish you-know-what!” Wait! Stop! I love my cats to pieces! Anyone who knows me knows that’s the truth, but sometimes it’s nice to only be responsible for myself … and think about nothing except cheesecake and ferret kisses.

Do you sort of enjoy time away from your cat? Let us know in the comments!

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