5 Recent Reflections on My Addiction to Cat Huffing


I’ve written about cat huffing here on Catster, and since then, many of you have shamelessly come forward to admit your own addiction to the joy of cat huffing. In case you don’t know what cat huffing is, let me explain: Cat huffing happens when you bury your full face into a furry part of a cat’s body and inhale deeply. I think the belly is the most prime spot for huffing, but I’ve also found satisfaction in huffing around the neck area. There’s no right or wrong way to huff — it really depends on your cat’s mood and overall demeanor. Only you can develop your personal huffing style.

Why huff? Well, because cats smell like magic. For whatever reason, they almost always exude a special kind of heaven that one can’t adequately describe unless a huff has been had. Based on my experience with dogs, I don’t think the same sensation would come from a canine huff. Maybe right after a bath. Maybe. But not even close to being the same. You can count on a damn fine cat huff any time of day.

I’ve recently made a few huffing-related discoveries, and want to share them with you because I care about you and want to share the huff love. You’re welcome.

1. The lingering smell of loved ones

My teenage son sprays himself head-to-toe with some kind of Axe body spray. I’m pretty sure the word “mysterious” is in the name of that particular Axe scent. Phoebe absolutely adores my son, and he looks for every opportunity to snuggle with him. A few weeks ago I picked her up for an afternoon huff and caught a light scent of Axe on her fur. He had held her after he got ready for school that morning and some of the “mysterious” bouquet clung to her fur. It was really a perfect huff because it made me think fondly of my son and I got to bury my face in Phoebe’s belly.

2. The gift of huff

As soon as the Christmas tree goes up, all three of my cats park themselves underneath it — and there they’ll stay until the tannenbaum makes its seasonal departure on New Year’s Day. You might be wondering how this tree business is related to cat huffing, but it is! Here’s the thing: If I want a huff, I don’t have to go looking for a cat. I know they’ll be loafed under the tree, and all I’ll have to do is slide underneath the branches to get that huff. The sliding part is kind of like exercise, so that means I can eat a few more cookies afterwards.

3. Naked face is best

I’ve huffed both with and without glasses on my face, and I’m here to tell you that sans glasses is way more gratifying. Think about it — without your glasses, you can lean in even more deeply, resulting in far more intense huffage (I just made up that word, but it sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?). Jeepers, creepers! Get rid of those peepers!

4. Trap a huff

Cats can be pretty predictable. You place a box on the ground, and it’s inhabited within seconds. You walk into the kitchen and they think they’re getting treats. My cats are freaks about folded-up throws and blankets. If I’m hungry for a huff, all I have to do is set the folded-blanket trap and wait until a cat finds it and settles in for a nap. Then I make my move.

5. Fir and fur

One of the only smells I like better than cat is that of a fresh Christmas tree. That pine scent is simply intoxicating to me. Check this out: I huffed my cat while standing nearly flat against our tree. A concentrated cat huff, with the addition of the majestic balsam fir fragrance is nothing short of holiday magic.

Have you made any cat huff-related discoveries? Share them in the comments!

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