6 Reasons Why My Cats Love My New Apartment


Last month I wrote about my search for new housing and how my cats were helping me by ensuring that all their desires were met. I did have to burst their bubble when they saw photos of $2,500-a-month luxury apartments on the 15th floor with floor-to-ceiling windows and begged me to move there, but I think I’ve found a place they — and I — like, and that I can afford. Let’s revisit their wish list and find out.

1. Lots of sun puddles? Well 

Our new apartment is on the top floor of our building and all the windows face west, but we’re sort of in an alcove of the building, so although there are sun puddles, the cats would prefer there were more hours of them.

2. High places? Check!

The stove and refrigerator make for handy steps to the space above the kitchen cabinets, from which Bella and Thomas can survey their domain. Siouxsie hasn’t been too well lately, so she’s not up to doing much exploration lately.

3. Room for a bigger desk? Check!

There’s room for a bigger desk, but the cats are kind of bummed out that I haven’t gotten a bigger desk yet. Once they start earning money, maybe I’ll get a new desk; until then, they can quit their b-tching.

4. Cat-friendly window sills? Check!

Not only are the window sills wider, they’re also longer so multiple cats can enjoy the same space.

5. More space for their beds? Check!

My new apartment is twice as big as the old one, and it actually has a bedroom. I’ve distributed their beds between the living room and the bedroom, but they still seem to be more interested in occupying the beds in the living room.

6. More carpets? Check!

This place is covered in brand-new carpet! The only places that aren’t carpeted are the kitchen and the bathroom, so there are lots of soft and comfortable places for Siouxsie to puke. And I’ve got tons of Fizzion to clean up after her.

And here are some things they got that they didn’t expect:

1. Boxes!

The cats may have been stressed to the ear-tips over moving, but the day after moving day is a holiday cats all over the world call Boxing Day. This is how my cats celebrated that joyous holiday.

2. A huge balcony!

I liked this apartment when I saw it, but it was the balcony that totally sold me. I can’t wait until next summer when I can sit out there and do my writing. Thomas and Bella just got to explore it today, and they’re overjoyed! Once I get a chaise lounge and a cat-safe enclosure out there, we’ll all be able to enjoy our balcony.

What would be on your cats’ wish list if you were going to move? Have you factored in your cats’ needs and desires when you were looking at new homes? Sound off in the comments!

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