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The Eyes Have It: We Love Casey Weldon's Creepy Cats

The artist's surreal and slightly unnerving vision of kitties (some with many eyes) speaks to cats' spooky nature.

 |  Jan 7th 2013  |   0 Contributions

Southern California-born artist Casey Weldon is interested in portraying popular culture in a retro style, recalling something eerily nostalgic and a little unsettling.

With the way cats can see in the dark, it's kind of like they have multiple eyes.

It's the perfect style to convey the spooky mystery of cats. You know what we're talking about -- the way your cat sometimes perches up on a shelf, staring down at you with slit-pupil eyes, making you wonder if she's about to pounce on you with outstretched claws. There's a reason cats were once believed to be the familiars of witches -- there's something a little otherworldly about the quiet way they can stalk their prey, padding about on slippered paws, leaping effortlessly, and making killing look like a game.

This piece illustrates the way cats take over our brains and enslave us. Cutely.

Kitty is like, "Yes, human, I will wake you every morning at the crack of dawn and you will like it."

Weldon's work is host to many subjects, but our favorite is his treatment of cats. At first glance they seem so innocent -- until you take a closer look and realize there's something ever so slightly amiss. It makes us think of the times we've watched our cats chase some unseen prey throughout the apartment -- do they have some kind of vision that allows them to see into other worlds? Or are they just a little bit crazy?

No alien kitties were harmed -- in fact, they like spooking you a little.


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