Booger the Feral Rescue Cat Gets His Sight Back via Surgery


Booger’s situation was hopeless. Liz Kirkham found the feral cat outside her Oxford, Ohio, apartment curled up, fur matted, wheezing so badly that “it sounded like he was drowning.” You might remember that description from the recent Monday Miracle post we published about Booger. That’s when we told you Liz was raising money to get him surgery for a condition called entropion, which causes his eyelids to turn inward.

Well, Liz exceeded her fundraising goal, and earlier this month Booger had surgery. It has been a rough ride for woman and cat, but Booger can see again. To us, that’s a Monday Miracle daily double that deserves a follow-up post to share some of Booger’s Instagram photos and the thoughts Liz has shared.

We’ll start with some “before” shots.

In this shot, Liz describes a pretty terrible state for Booger: “Eyes are totally swollen shut and oozing this reddish brown gunk. Barely ate tuna out of my hand yesterday. He won’t leave my chest. … Been a long 24 hours.”

Image via Instagram

That was in March, when vets found ulcers in his eye sockets.

Booger was put on antiviral pills and antibiotic ocular ointment, and that seemed to help.

Image via Instagram

About three weeks ago, before dropping him off at the vet for surgery, Liz reported being more nervous about his surgery than appearing before 300 people at work later that morning. Then came the first report after the operation.


“Well folks, he is OUT OF IT,” Liz wrote on Instagram. “He has paced the apartment round and round. He won’t sit still for me to get a good shot. … As soon as we got in the car he started to purr and kiss me through the grate. Successful entropion surgery!”

She reported that he also was neutered and attempted to use the litter box his first day back.

“Without the success of the you caring fundraiser this would not have been feasible, and I would have been a lot more stressed about an already stressful situation,” she wrote. … He currently wants to snuggle so I’m gonna do just that.”

Here’s a shot where you can see Booger’s eyes are open.



“He looks kinda mad but he’s really happy!” Liz wrote. “You can see the actual color of his eyes. They look sooooo much better. He’s in great spirits today and very playful with his toys. He’s never shown interest in ANY toy before his surgery.”


Here’s the shot that really kills us.


“He heard something (I didn’t hear anything) and jumped in the window to look … with his brand new healthy eyes!” Liz wrote. “I can tell he feels so much better. Even after his first few hours home, he’s had so much energy and is playful and exploring the apartment. He’s a new cat!”


Apparently the window is among his new favorite places.

“Oh yes, he does indeed love an open window,” Liz wrote. “For a very long time he showed no interest and fear when I would try to hold him up to look outside. Those days are over.”

Here are a few more shots we love.


If we had to choose a favorite … well … don’t make us choose a favorite.


“He’s completely changed my life,” Liz said.

That much is obvious from this remarkable story and the photos on Instagram.

Visit Booger’s Instagram account for updates. As of June 21, Booger’s YouCaring fundraiser had raised $2,400 — well more than the $778 Liz sought in the beginning.

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