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Architects Designed Houses for Cats; What Do the Cats Think?

Architects for Animals' fundraiser for FixNation showed off some very modern cat dwellings.

Michael Leaverton  |  Mar 28th 2016

Strolling down the aisle of houses made for cats at Petsmart, you might have asked yourself, “I can’t put this carpet-covered monstrosity in my condo. Why doesn’t any of this look like a Barcelona concert hall? Where is all the architecture for cats!

Put your drip coffee down, friend. It’s right here.

Every year, thanks to Architects for Animals’ fundraiser for FixNation, we get to live in an alternate world where cats live in the coolest places this side of a Dwell magazine. The group commissions Los Angeles architects and designers to create eye-catching dwellings for cats, and it presents the final pieces at the Giving Shelter benefit, which occurred earlier this month.

But what do the cats think of these incredible modern cat homes?


“Huh, nice view. I can see my litter box from here.”


“I am now exiting the lunar lander and going in search of food. Preliminary reports indicate this planet may contain chicken.”


“I don’t know whether to live in this house or cook an egg with it.”


“I’ll take this computer.”


“Do you ever get the feeling you’re presenting an award at the Grammys?”


“I feel like you can see my foot. Can you see my foot? I love this house!”


“I feel like I’m in an alley behind a restaur — hey, this house comes with dinner!”


“If I weren’t just a cat I might think this is just a buffet cabinet.”


“It’s been three days since the lunar lander left the space station. Let’s hope to God he’s found chicken.”


“Dammit, they forgot the walls again. I hate architects.”


“Huh, I smell Borg on this house. Maybe I should get the hell out of here.”


“Damn, that lunar lander looks cool. Socks gets all the cool stuff.”

Photos via Meghan bob Photography