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5 Adorable Things My Cats Do That I Can Barely Handle

Cute Kitten
Image Credit: Anel Rossouw, Pexels
Last Updated on November 23, 2023 by Catster Editorial Team

I know that you all think your cats are the cutest ever, and it’s true. But it’s also true that my cats are the cutest ever. In fact, just when I think they can’t get any more adorable, they out-cute themselves and send me melting into a giant puddle of cat-love. I’m sure you can relate because your cats are also the cutest ever.

Want proof? Here are five things my cats do that are nearly impossible to handle.

The 5 Cutest Things

1. Tucks herself in

Phoebe all tucked in, waiting for a bedtime story.

Phoebe is a delectable little nugget of a kitty. She’s small and sassy, and I sometimes refer to her as my tiny “Tater Tot.” I love Cosmo, but Phoebe’s got him beat in the brains department. She’s not only inquisitive, she knows what she wants and figures out — with almost human logic — how to get it.

She has always loved being covered up or tucked away inside blanket-y things. During the holiday season, I can usually find her “gettin’ snuggy wit it” underneath the Christmas tree skirt, but mostly I find her looking oh-so-cute-and-comfy under the sheets and blankets on my bed. Not only does she look incredibly sweet, her process for getting tucked away is even sweeter. She sees where she wants to go and then either backs under the cover or goes head-first and then turns around. She looks like she’s been tucked into bed for a long winter’s nap, and it’s impossible to say no to a snuggle with my little tot.


2. Shoulder snuggles

Everyone should get to enjoy the sweetness of head-butts while sitting on the john.

Phoebe is a snuggle bunny who’s all about the head-butts. I also call her my little parrot because she frequently hops onto my shoulder and perches. She totally kills me with the cute when she combines the two moves. Maybe this is TMI, but she usually does the shoulder perch head-butt while I’m sitting on the toilet. As we all know, cats are fascinated with our bathroom time, so I’m not surprised that she does this. It is, however, a little distracting at times. Still, I sit there as long as she’s doling out the lovin’. There’s a joke somewhere in there about “head-butt” and “butt,” but I can’t quite flush it out. Ha! Does that last joke make up for the TMI? I thought so.


3. “Invisibility”

Ladies and gentlemen: the incredibly invisible cat.

Cats think they’re masters of sneakiness, but sometimes that’s just not the case. They are certain they’re fully concealed, however, we humans can typically still see a tail or ears. Phoebe likes to stand behind my TV and pretend she’s invisible. I’m sure she wants me to be in awe of her stealth, but I can only laugh when I see those pointy little ears sticking out. Of course, I try to laugh to myself because I’d hate to burst her bubble. I silently laugh while validating her with my awe.


4. All lined up

All lined up and nowhere to go … except Cutetown.

Every once in a while, Phoebe and Cosmo will line up like they’re waiting in a queue for a ride at Disneyland. They’ll also occasionally loaf up one behind the other, looking like a monorail at Disneyland. I don’t think they’re doing it for any particular reason, but the amusement I feel while watching them is better than a three-day pass to the Magic Kingdom.


5. The weasel

“Weasel” looks cute on her, no?

Sometimes when Phoebe’s resting, she stretches her neck forward and rests her head in front of her. She looks kind of flat. For whatever reason, my kids and I always referred to that pose as her “weasel” look. I’m not sure if weasels actually lie in this position — let me look. … Okay, I just searched for “sleeping weasel” and it looks like they usually curl up like ferrets. Still, the name “weasel” has stuck with Phoebe, and I’ll continue geeking out over the sweetness of this pose. Plus, I’m sure some weasel somewhere has slept in this position, right? Right.


What does your cat do that’s impossibly adorable?

Featured Image Credit: Anel Rossouw, Pexels

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Angie Bailey
Angie Bailey

Angie Bailey, an award-winning writer, podcaster, and humorist, is the author of Texts from Mittens and Whiskerslist: The Kitty Classifieds. She’s written cat humor for over a decade, and lives in Minneapolis with her fiancé and two cats — Phoebe, a sassy senior and Janet, a teenage kitty with tons of tortitude.

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