9 Cats Who Might Regret Befriending a Dog


Some dogs and cats are the best of friends, while others the worst of enemies. But even when the two have a somewhat cordial relationship, sometimes cats can’t help but become annoyed with typical canine behavior. Cats are annoyed at most everything at one point or another.

Here are photos of nine cats who are rethinking their friendship with their dog companions (embellished with my speculation of the cats probable internal dialogue).

1. Slightly smothered

"You're getting a little clingy."
“You’re getting a little clingy.” Photo via Flickr

Dude, listen. I said I’d take a walk with you, but I’m feeling slightly smothered over here. I know you’re all broken up since your separation from Poochy Girl, but this is ridiculous. And just so there are no mixed messages, I’m not into that whole inter-species dating thing. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

2. Butt-sniffer

"Remove the nose, friend."
“Remove the nose, friend.” Photo via Flickr

I have no idea what you’re looking for, but you won’t find it there. I told you we’d hang out after my nap, which could last anywhere from one to six hours. All this butt-sniffing is not working in your favor. How about you leave me alone for a while and I think about whether I still want to hang out with you when I wake up from my nap.

3. Time’s up

“Sayonara.” Photo via Flickr

Hey, I said I’d nap with you for a few minutes, and your time is expired. Your breath is way worse than mine, and that’s saying something. Also, next time, remind me to not lie so close to your hindquarters. Your flatulence is off-putting. 

Still on for the same time tomorrow?

4. Not a pillow

“#notapillow.” Photo via Flickr

Last I checked, I’m not a pillow. It’s one thing for a CAT to rest his head on me, but do you have any idea how heavy that coconut of yours is? Fine, you can stay there a few more minutes and then I’m gonna have to scoot forward a little bit. I think I need to go to the chiropractor.

5. Scene-stealer

"This is not even right."
“This is not even right.” Photo via Flickr

Wait a minute — I’m the cute kitten, so shouldn’t I be the star of this photo? What’s this big lug doing here? Yeah, I know we were just playing with the tennis ball in the other room, but that doesn’t give him permission to photobomb my close-up. This isn’t fair. Not one bit. I think I need to rethink our friendship.

6. Not a snack

"Well, this is awkward."
“Well, this is awkward.” Photo via Flickr

Do I look like a cheeseburger? Yeah, I’m gonna put up with this for a few more minutes because you took the fall when I tipped over the garbage can, but then we’re even. Are you even listening to me?

7. Let me sleep

"He's still there, isn't he?"
“He’s still there, isn’t he?” Photo via Flickr

I just finished hanging with you, dog — now I need some peace. Cats don’t have the kind of energy you do, so you have to give me a freaking break. Now stop taking things so personally and go chew on a roll of toilet paper or something. Just save a roll for me. 

8. Need some space

"Our friendship is a little too close."
“Our friendship is a little too close.” Photo via Flickr

When you said we’d be close friends, I wasn’t exactly picturing this. You’re cool and all, but I need some space here. Come on, dog. Listen up — I haven’t had my claws trimmed in a couple of weeks and I’m not above using them if I need to. Want a free sample?

9. Who are you?

"I cannot unsee."
“I cannot unsee.” Photo via Flickr

I can’t believe you just ate the clumps from my litter box. What are you, some kind of barbarian? I don’t follow you outside and eat your droppings. I hate to say it, but I’m kind of disgusted. You’re not the dog I thought you were. It’s re-evaluation time here.

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