8 Kooky Products to Show Your Crazy Cat Lady Pride


It used to be that calling someone a crazy cat lady was a sign of disrespect, but these days, cat-loving women of all ages have reclaimed the term and are wearing it as a badge of honor. Based on the popularity of Catster’s recent Cat Lady Cuff Giveaway, it appears that a lot of you feel the same way, and aren’t ashamed to hold your heads high as you proclaim your love for all things feline!

To further lead you on your way, here are eight more great cat lady products that prove crazy can also mean cool!

Crazy Cat Lady Candy

Looking for a fast way to make friends? Strike up a conversation with a fellow cat lover about their kitties. Offer said cat lover a piece of tutti-frutti-flavored cat-shaped candy that you just happen to have stashed in your purse, and you’ve just made a new friend for life.

Crazy Cat Lady Board Game

It’s game night, and all the girls are coming over. What are you gonna play? Pictionary? Bo-ring. Monopoly? Not enough cats! The object of the Crazy Lady Game is to pile up kitties by landing on spaces like "Save a Cat Stuck in a Tree" and "Rescue Grumpy Old Cat from Pound." There are hidden hazards, too — beware of the dog, and don’t lose your kitten, who seems to be distracted by a bit of fluff!

Crazy Cat Lady Shirt by Skip N’ Whistle

No one will mess with you when you proudly sport this crazy cat lady tee (available in six colors). A stern kitty wearing stylish vintage specs always means business!

Crazy Cat Lady Mini Milk Bottle Drinking Glasses

Kick back with your kitties after a long day at the office with a piping-hot plate of chocolate chip cookies and these adorable mini-milk jugs from the Crazy Cat Lady Dairy. Cat milk not included. (Thank Ceiling Cat!)

Crazy Cat Lady Cat Food-Scented Soap

Bathing with this soap is supposed to ensure that you are constantly in the company of cats, but I kinda just want to buy it to see if the pretty pink bar REALLY smells like cat chow. Blech!

Cat Lady Bot with Twelve Kitties by Anatomy of a Skirt

If you’re ready to upgrade your plastic cat lady action figure, than why not trade up for the Cat Lady Bot Pouch? This handmade design comeswith twelve multicolored vinyl kittens to care for – the only trouble is figuring out exactly what to do with them!

Crazy Cat Lady Button by The Bold Banana

Proud cat ladies wear their hearts on their sleeves and their cats on their buttons! This adorable badge is the purrfect way to accessorize jackets and totes, while alerting the world to your OCLS (official cat lady status).

Personalized Crazy Cat Lady I.D. Card by Susan Faye

So what is the ultimate, I mean ULTIMATE piece of crazy cat lady memorabila? A personalized I.D. that certifies you as an official, card-carrying member of the club! Become the envy of all of your cat-loving friends when you whip this bad boy out of your wallet, which also comes with a button, creed, and list of member guidelines, lest you forget what made you a crazy cat lady in the first place.

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