8 Halloween Costume Ideas That Were Inspired by Cats


Hey boys and ghouls — Halloween is nigh. Have you chosen the all-important costume? If you’re like me and prefer to create something fairly unusual and cat-themed, you’ve stumbled upon the right post.

Got a pregnant belly you’d like to incorporate? We’ve got ya covered.

Want inspiration for funky makeup? Check!

How about “neurowear?” It’s a thing, and we have it!

Here are eight spooky, cool, and spooky-cool ideas for your cat-themed Halloween costume.

1. Cat and Fish Bowl


When I was pregnant during the Halloween season in the mid-1990s, the main option for decorating one’s swelling belly was “jack-o-lantern.” I — and plenty of my friends who were “with child” — happily sported that pumpkin belly. I wish I’d thought of this adorable “cat with fish-bowl” idea. It’s an easy way to get creative and show of that big ol’ baby bump — all you need is some body paint and a pair of cat ears.

2. Catwoman


There several versions of Batman’s Catwoman, and it can be somewhat simple to throw together a costume that resembles one of them. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wear a skin-tight black one-piece cat suit. I would, however, piece together some items that create the classy, sexy Catwoman vibe. And the cool thing is, you can put together a look that feels right for you and your body. Components can include leggings or sweatpants. Don’t want to squeeze into a little black dress? Grab an oversize sweater. Then add accessories … and lots of red lipstick.

3. Kitty Paw Mittens


These anime-style paws are super easy to make, and the supplies don’t cost much. These are an excellent last-minute costume piece if you’re down to the wire and need a quick idea. Throw on your favorite cat shirt, place your cat ears atop your head, slip your hands into these paws, and you’re ready. All you need are inexpensive gloves (think: Dollar Store), faux fur, fabric scraps, stuffing, needle and thread, scissors, and precision knife.

Oh, and they’re giant paws, which is perfect for holding loads of candy.

4. Bastet, Cat Goddess


Several years ago, I dressed up as Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess, for Halloween. This was a fun and easy costume to assemble. First, I bought the dress at a second-hand store. Then I picked up some cat-ear barrettes and a Cleopatra headpiece from a Halloween store. The rest was my own. I think makeup is key with this costume. Cat-eye makeup? You can pull it off. I’m not really an eye-makeup girl, but this Bastet number made me practice my makeup moves.

5. In-Bread Cat


You might remember the popularity of the in-bread cats. I still think they’re funny, and a Halloween costume is a clever way to show off your cat meme pride. All you need is some foam, felt, and some cat ears. Go ahead … stop loafing around and just make it.

6. Animatronic Cat Ears


If you’re handy and enjoy electronics, you might be interested in creating your own animatronic cat ears. The original Necomimi ears connect up with your mood and move accordingly. Of course, the price reflects it. You can make your own version for a lot less out-of-pocket, but the only catch is that you operate the ear movement with a button. So what? Still pretty darn cool.

You’ll need a full list of supplies, but the items can easily be found at hardware stores, electronic outlets, or online. What a cool addition to your Halloween costume! To be honest, I’d wear these things all year ’round.

7. Black-Cat Eye Makeup


If you don’t feel like going all out with a full-blown costume, grab some makeup and funk up your eyes, cat-style! Skin-safe adhesive attaches the “yarn” and eyes, completing this cool-cat look. And the cat’s tail is the shape of your eyebrow — how fun is that? This is definitely a look you want to practice in front of the mirror before the big night. Or better yet, gather some friends, pour wine, and give each other Halloween makeovers. Just be careful using the adhesive after a few glasses of wine — we don’t want anybody gluing their eyelids shut.

8. Cheshire Cat


Cool, cool, cool! This young makeup artist offers a fun and easy option for getting your Cheshire Cat smile on this Halloween season. In her instructional video, she walks you through the makeup process, focusing on perfecting the famous smile. Finish the look with a funky wig, striped clothing of your choice, and — if you so desire — colored contacts. Me-ow!

Which is your favorite cat-inspired Halloween costume? Share in the comments!

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