8 Cats Showing That They Don’t Care What You Think


As humans, we sometimes care too much about what others think of us. As I grow older, I care less and less, and I fully expect to be one of those older ladies who just doesn’t give a a rip about what anyone says or does. I hope it’s sooner than later … not the “older lady” part — the “totally not caring” part.

Cats already have the “older lady” mentality. They do what they want, and don’t give one iota of attention to others’ opinions. They’re really the most self-confident beings on this planet. Yes, I’m completely jealous.

Here are eight cats demonstrating extreme self-confidence.

1. Feeling crusty

"I've got your topping right here."
“I’ve got your topping right here.” Photo via Flickr

You thought your favorite topping was pepperoni, but you’d be wrong — it’s cat hair. And no one really needs to access that bottom box, right? The cat’s already made those decisions for everyone.

2. Spinnin’ tunes

"You have a request? No."
“You have a request? No.” Photo via Flickr

In the mood for jazz? Too bad for you, because kitty’s craving some hip hop, and apparently, he’s the attending DJ … all the time. Sure, there’ll be some scratches on your favorite vinyl, but that’s okay. Record Store Day is April 22, so you can run right out and replace all the damaged albums. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the expert scratching of DJ Hairball.

3. Litter-ary cat

"Spoiler alert: I'm not going anywhere."
“Spoiler alert: I’m not going anywhere.” Photo via Flickr

Don’t bother with a bookmark because your cat’s got it covered. And when I say she’s got it covered, I mean she’s got it covered — your book, that is. She’ll hold your place while you visit the john, but she’ll quickly morph from a bookmark to a paperweight by the time you return. Looks like library’s copy of The Girl on the Train is going to be full of cat hair. Sorry ’bout that.

4. Open seating

"Um, may I help you?"
“Um, may I help you?” Photo via Flickr

Hey friend — don’t get too attached to that chair because it won’t be all yours for too long. As soon as you get up for even a few seconds, the cat won’t think twice about taking your place. It’s like calling “shotgun” in a car, except that there’s no passenger seat and it’s not a car. Well, I guess it’s not really like calling “shotgun,” but just know your seat’s gone.

5. Puzzling behavior

The little-known "bossy cat" constellation.
The little-known “bossy cat” constellation. Photo via Flickr

Here’s a puzzle for you: How long will it take before your cat hijacks your jigsaw puzzle efforts? It’s not-so-much a trick question, is it? Kitties love lying on top of “stuff,” and a puzzle fits the bill. And you’re double-screwed if your effort is only partially complete there’s the oh-so-comfy surface and little pieces to swat. It’s basically impossible to do anything puzzle-related when a cat has access to the project. Might as well give up before you start.

6. Star of the screen

"So this garbage is more entertaining than me? I think not."
“So this garbage is more entertaining than me? I think not.” Photo via Flickr

Thinking about relaxing and catching up on your favorite TV show? Think again. Cats think they’re the center of attention 24/7, and no way is some fictional nonsense going to divert your attention from the fuzzy head-of-household. And if you attempt to take in some television time, kitty might just stage an intervention by blocking your view. You can’t pause a cat — don’t even try.

7. Member of the cabinet

"Where's all the chicken-flavored stuff?"
“Where’s all the chicken-flavored stuff?” Photo via Flickr

Kitties are interested in any open cabinet because there might be something cat-related sitting on the shelves. It doesn’t matter that the cat knows exactly what cabinet contains their food and treats — they’re mighty confident there must be extra goodies behind any given door. Because why would you not stock your shelves with everything cat?

8. Dinner winner

“I’d like to place my order for seconds, please.” Photo via Flickr

Time to eat! Yeah, your cat’s picked up on that business and is now front and center, ready to help herself to whatever’s on your plate. Never mind that she just ate an hour ago; if it’s going in your mouth, it’s interesting as all get-out.

How does your cat show you he or she doesn’t care about what you think? Tell us in the comments!

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