The 7 Symptoms of Feline Spring Fever


Last week was the official beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, but you could have fooled me! Here in Maine, I was just getting used to slogging through our infamous spring mud when we got another foot of snow.

Although I appreciated (ahem) the opportunity to review my “walking in snow, slush, and ice” lessons, I’d much rather have seen spring try to act like spring. But regardless of what the 15-degree wind chills told me, my cats knew the seasons had changed, and they responded with the onset of the predictable cat behavior pattern known as feline spring fever. This disorder is characterized by the following seven symptoms.

1. They wake you up ever earlier in the morning

Daylight savings time? What’s that? Cats know what time it really is — time for you to get out of bed!

2. They demand sun puddles

In the dark days of winter, your cats may have been comfortable snuggling with you or curled up together in their favorite heated bed. These days, not so much. If the sun puddles aren’t immediately available, they’ll command you to do something about it.

3. They pine for the outdoors

As the birds migrate north and the squirrels come out of hibernation, your cat will spend more and more time at the window, hoping against hope that the transparent wall that imprisons him indoors will evaporate if he just stares at it long enough.

4. Your house becomes a WWE arena

Barely do you have a moment to bask in the quiet spring sunlight with a cup of coffee before your cats begin a wrestling marathon that would put The Rock to shame.

5. They keep growing and growing

Spring is the time for growth spurts. Your young kitten may be getting longer, taller, and lankier as the weeks wind on.

6. Zoomies? Oh, heck yeah!

As the days get longer, your cats’ Olympic dashes around your house get more frequent — and probably even continue until the wee hours of the morning.

7. They sing the baby-makin’ song

If you haven’t had your cat spayed or neutered yet, you’ll know for sure that it’s time: Your female kitties will start singing arias, while your boy cats will do everything they can to get out and find some passionate lurrrrve!

What do your cats do to celebrate spring? Please share your stories in the comments — and, as always, the more absurd, the better!

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