7 Reasons Your Vet Might Fire You


Most of us understand that keeping our cats healthy is a team effort and requires working together with our vets. Others, not so much: Some veterinary clients are absolute nightmares. You might be one of them, too, if you do the following things:

1. You regularly cancel at the last minute — or just don’t show up

There are good reasons for last-minute cancellations: The cat that somehow knew that today was neutering day and disappeared into another dimension, for example. But if you keep making appointments and canceling an hour before you’re supposed to be there, you’re wasting time slots that could be used for other patients.

2. You refuse to give your cat necessary medications

Most cats don’t enjoy being medicated and won’t make it easy for you to do so. But if your cat needs medicine, it’s your responsibility to figure out how to do it. Bonus jackass points for not giving medications and then complaining that your cat isn’t getting better.

3. Even when you’re wrong, you’re right

It’s fine to ask questions about your cat’s health. It’s fine to ask questions about your cat’s vaccines and whether they’re all necessary. It’s fine to do Internet research. In fact, I encourage all three of these things. But if you’re concerned about health issues or your research raises questions, discuss them. Don’t cop an attitude because Doctor Internet disagrees with your vet.

4. You refuse to take your vet’s advice

If your vet tells you that Fluffy is overweight and needs to go on a diet and gives you a plan of action to address the issue, and Fluffy’s even fatter the next time she comes in, don’t be surprised if your vet gets frustrated. If you then follow that by demanding the vet euthanize your otherwise healthy cat because she’s too fat to clean her butt, don’t be surprised if your vet tells you to take a hike.

5. You nickel-and-dime your vet to death

After your cat has a procedure, you go over the bill and question every single item on it — even though you got an estimate and any possible expenses were explained to you before you gave your consent.

6. You don’t pay your bill

Few vets offer the option of paying off a bill in installments because, well, people have a way of "forgetting" about the money still owed. If your vet lets you make payments and you abuse her trust, don’t be surprised if you’re refused service in the future.

7. You treat the staff badly

If you harass the front desk staff, verbally abuse the techs or assistants, or even threaten the vet, don’t be surprised if she tells you not to let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

You don’t have to have blind faith in your vet, but you do need to treat your vet and her staff the way you’d like to be treated. If you dislike or distrust your vet enough to behave badly, maybe you should look for another clinic. On the other hand, if you want to stay with your clinic, don’t be a jackass!

Do you work at a veterinary clinic? Are there client behaviors that frustrate you? Have you ever fired a client? Please speak up in the comments!

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