7 Photographs My Cats Would Totally Hang on Their Walls


If you’re like me, you have framed photos of loved ones (people and felines) positioned on walls, shelves, and tables around your home. Cats are classy animals and kitty lovers know that although our kitties are fickle, they definitely show affinity toward certain people and objects. Why wouldn’t they also display photos in their home? (If they had walls, that is.)

Here are seven examples of the photography I think would adorn my cats’ walls.

1. The box

Ah, the box. The love affair between cats and boxes is legendary. A cat would certainly stock his house with real boxes, but as a homage to their beloved cardboard cartons, they’d definitely hang a photo or five of them on their walls. Box art: It’s all the rage.

2. Me

As much as Cosmo loves his boxes, he loves one thing — or rather one person — even more: me. He’s constantly on my heels and adores his Mommy-snuggles. He’d probably have a photo of me, preferably posing with him, in every room.

3. Food

My kitties, like yours, are especially fond of mealtime. They greet each day with food on the brain, and pretty much have a constant stream of “how can I get some food or treats?” thoughts cruising through their heads all day long. I think my cats would decorate their homes with a variety of food-themed photography, both canned as well as plated.

4. My pillow

Again with Cosmo. Remember when I told you he’s always at my heels? Well, that was kind of a lie because sometimes he’s at my head. He enjoys a nighttime hobby of pillow-jacking.

I understand he just wants to be near me, and I agree that my pillow is mega-comfy, but I’m usually kind of cranky (and sore) in the morning when I’m left with a tiny triangle of head-resting space. Yeah, he’d have artsy shots of my pillow, especially close to his sleeping quarters.

5. Themselves

Let’s face it: Cats can be selfish and slightly (mostly) narcissistic. They’d enjoy looking at attractive photos of themselves, just to remind them of how amazing they are … like they need a reminder. Don’t let them hear you laugh — it might bruise their gentle egos, poor babies.

6. My clothing

My cats think I have a pretty nice wardrobe. Especially the black pieces. Especially when they can nap on top of them. Why not enjoy those pieces visually as well as aesthetically? Clothing art. Yes.

7. Wildlife

Birds, squirrels and rabbits are major eye-candy for my kitties. They spend loads of time at the window, inspecting all the birds who visit the feeders and watching the various rodents dart across the yard. I believe my cats would like to hang several pieces of fine wildlife photography on their walls. Because cats love to look at — and probably taste — the furry and feathered subjects.

What photographs would your cats hang on their walls? Let us know in the comments!

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