7 Commercials for Non-Cat-Related Products, Starring Cats


Cats aren’t known for their buying power, but that hasn’t stoped wily advertisers from trying to market to them anyway. Okay, well, maybe not to them directly, but to their Internet-savvy owners, who love nothing more than watching the latest cute cat videos online.

Done right, placing a kitty in a commercial practically guarantees viral success, even if the product has nothing to do with cats at all. So, while your consumer-savvy kitty might not be in the market for ice cream cake or a new car, brands are betting cat lovers will be eager to hand over their hard-earned cash in exhange for a bit of feline advertising.

1. J2O, Cats and Dogs

British soft drink J2O shows how fruity drinks can inspire even the staunchest of enemies to unite, if only for one wild night of partying. Forget fighting like cats and dogs — these hipster pets would rather get together and dance!

2. Toyota RAV4

What do you get when you mix a chatty cat lady, a car, and an adorable orange tabby? Another cute Internet cat video that makes the Toyota RAV4 look like the most feline-friendly automobile yet.

3. Columbia, Great Moments in Trying Stuff: Angry Cat

Why is it that cats love sticking their paws in water bowls and hanging out in sinks — but absolutely hate getting wet? Columbia doesn’t aim to answer that question in its “Great Moments of Trying Stuff” series — but we do learn how cute a grumpy black cat can look while wearing one of tthe company’s waterproof jackets.

4. Sprint, Nexus S 4G Cats

The web’s weird cat obsession is the centerpiece of this popular Nexus S 4G Sprint commercial, which promises that faster speeds mean the ability to fill the Internet with even more cats. And just in case the realistic meowing sounds weren’t enough to capture your attention, YouTube stars such as Nyan Cat and Surprised Kitten also serve as reminders as to what’s in store once you upgrade.

5. Dairy Queen, Bubbles

Dairy Queen called on the power of kittens in computer-generated bubbles to prove that they are not above using the furry moneymakers as an attention-grabbing tactic. What this has to do with ice cream cake, I’ll never know, but I’ll admit it got me to watch.

6. Bouygues Telecom, Les Chatons Telecom

Kittens are a universal language, as seen in this viral video by Bouygues Telecom. The company created a purrfect universe, in which viewers don’t even have to understand French to be charmed by the creative clip.

7. Cravendale, Cats with Thumbs

Sure, cats with thumbs are cute … until they start reading, sewing, and taking over the world! Cravendale Milk imagined a hostile cat takeover in this clever commercial that showed the more sinister side of total feline domination.

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