6 Ways My Cats Show That They Love Me


I know my cats love me. Not only am I their personal servant, I’m the one with the cold hard cash that buys their food and treats. Why wouldn’t I be on their “nice list?” I totally am. But in all seriousness, they love me for way more reasons than their ability to boss me around and demand noms. We have a bond that’s pretty darn special. I’m thinking you have the same situation in your home.

Cosmo and Phoebe show their affection for me in many ways — some a little more invasive than others, but still, it’s love that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Here are six examples of how they demonstrate their undying devotion.

1. Rolling

Roly-poly kitty!

For as long as I can remember, Cosmo has done the “stop, drop, and roll” routine when I walk into a room and he’s excited to see me. He most often does this when I’ve been away from home for a little while. His flop is so hard that it’s sometimes audible. Then he rolls once, looks a me to make sure I saw his move, and then continues rolling back and forth until I bend down and acknowledge him. Please note that “acknowledge” doesn’t mean “touch his belly.” He loves me and all, but belly — off limits.

2. Supervising my routine habits

“Shouldn’t you be covering that? Gross.”

Like many kitties, mine have an obsession with watching me sit on the toilet. What is the reason for this odd phenomenon? No idea, but it’s a fact. It’s like they want to make sure everything comes out okay (sorry) or that I’m doing it “right.” They’re also probably a little fascinated that I don’t cover up my toilet “business,” and instead it magically disappears after I press the shiny lever. I suppose I’m glad they care enough about my routine habits to take a break from napping and supervise me. That means something. I guess.

3. Allowing my shenanigans

Rat face = love.

Don’t look at this pic and think, “poor kitty!” She loves it when I give her the “rat face” treatment. When my kitties are relaxed, they let me give them funny faces, rub their ears, and even (occasionally) touch a belly. They trust me, which means there’s a level of love there. Plus, they know “rat face” is a super attractive expression. Some people visit very expensive plastic surgeons to achieve that look.

4. Melting

Melty kitty.

Almost nothing gives me the feels like a sweet little kitty melting in my lap. They’re so relaxed and totally into that human-kitty connection — it’s no time until they’re a complete puddle of purrs. To me, this is probably the most obvious show of affection from a cat. And when they look up at me with those eyes that radiate pure and perfect adoration? Wahhh! I can hardly stand it! No wonder I put up with a painfully full bladder when a purring cat is stretched across my lap. A bladder infection is well worth the joy of melty cat.

5. Staring

“Look into my eyes.”

Cosmo and I have an incredibly close relationship, and there’s a multitude of ways he shows me he’d be completely lost without me. His most-used method is the unbroken gaze he delivers when he wants my attention. Sometimes he wants me to pet him or invite him onto my lap. Other times he simply wants us to lock stares and send energetic love back and forth between one another. I’ll admit that his persistent stares can feel a little distracting when I’m trying to accomplish something and on a deadline, but once I stop what I’m doing and let my eyes meet his, pure magic happens. I feel love.

6. “Helping” me

“You post more photos of Phoebe. Let me help.”

Cosmo and Phoebe both show their devotion by looking for any and every opportunity to “help” me. This means lying on top of my computer keyboard, blocking my path while I’m sweeping, and crashing on the pile of laundry that’s ready for folding. I’m sure they believe they’re perfect assistants, and I usually let them go on believing it. At the very least, it saves me from folding laundry. I mean, who really likes folding laundry? Don’t lie.

How do your cats show you love and devotion? Tell us in the comments!

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