5 Ways My Cats Act Like Red Carpet Celebrities


The awards season is upon us, and I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a total junkie when it comes to all of the awards shows — all the way from the red carpet arrivals to the closing credits.

Speaking of the red carpet, I’m always fascinated with what the celebrities are wearing, what they say during interviews, and how they present themselves. And yes, I offer commentary on the gown styles and hairdos. Who’s listening? Just my boyfriend, but my opinions are always spot-on. I mean, doesn’t someone wearing pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt know a little something about fashion?

Based on my vast experience watching awards shows, I can offer expert observations on how my cats mimic the Hollywood set as they walk the red carpet. Here are five examples.

1. They’re fickle with the paparazzi

“My time and energy are precious … just like me.”

I can imagine how frustrating it is to be all dolled up, trying to make your way down a red carpet, with an onslaught of photographers shouting your name, hoping you’ll look their way and strike a pose. And then the reporters shouting at you from the sidelines, begging you to wander their way and answer a question or two. Life is hard, and celebrities don’t always have the time or desire to give their attention to the paparazzi.

My cats totally get it. I’m sure that to them, it seems like I’m always pointing a camera in their direction and calling their name. They decide when or if they want to look at me. Geez … I don’t even want to interview them.

2. They preen and pose

“This will be the perfect cover for People magazine — I just know it.”

While the famous folks are strolling along, they stop every so often and transform into media-ready poses. The poses are very intentional, and they know they look good.

Cats are excellent in the area of pose-striking. They especially pull out these extra-cute looks when we don’t have a camera in hand, and by the time we grab the camera, they’ve changed positions.

3. They invest a lot of time into looking perfect

“It takes a lot of time to look as good as I do.”

The stars — especially ladies — start getting ready hours before they step out of the limo. Hair stylists and makeup artists sometimes come to their homes to work their magic. They’re willing to invest all that preparation time so when they hit the carpet, they look picture perfect.

Cats don’t care about how they look on camera; however, they share the desire to look fabulous, and they will detail the heck out of themselves to that end.

4. They can’t wait to eat

“I’ve been waiting all day … or at least for the past half-hour.”

In red carpet interviews, I’ve heard more than one female celebrity talk about the diet they’d been on in order to “fit into the dress.” They’ve often followed that up with, “I can’t wait to eat. I’m starving.” I’ll tell you — this is one good reason I’m glad I’m not a celebrity who has to wear fancy dresses. I need a cheeseburger now and then.

Cats are always hungry. They don’t need to wear a designer gown or anything — they’re just ready to eat … pretty much all the time.

5. Fancy evening wear

Cosmo is always ready for a stroll down the red carpet.

I know the ladies get a lot of attention during red carpet shows because their gowns are so elegant or flashy. For men, it’s a little harder to to stand out in the crowd. I love a classic tuxedo, but I’ve also been impressed with nontraditional ones that look retro or a little funky.

Cosmo, my 15-year-old tuxie, is always ready for any kind of fancy event. This makes him prepared to hit the red carpet at a moment’s notice. His tuxedo is classic — always in style. He wouldn’t even have to remember “who he’s wearing” when he talked to reporters because the answer would always be the same: “me.”

How do your cats act like red carpet celebrities? Tell us in the comments!

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