Nutty Cat

10 Reasons We Love Our Nutty Cats


The world is a better place with cats in it — not to mention a funnier place. The quirky things our cats do is part of the joy of having them in our lives. Here are 10 crazy cat behaviors that are probably very familiar to you.

1 They walk in circles before they lie down

This accomplishes three things: Their paws mark the area with their scent, so they can recognize it as a safe spot; cats in the wild do this to flatten grassy areas into a nice bed; and it lets them feel for unwanted guests like snakes or bugs. Plus, it’s really cute to watch.

2 They go crazy for catnip

Most cats LOVE catnip (nepeta cataria), which contains an essential oil called nepetalactone that acts like a stimulant. When cats get a whiff of it, they roll around and act like little lunatics — until about 10 minutes later, when they eventually lose interest.

3 They get the zoomies

When your cat gets a wild look in his eyes, runs around the house at full speed and starts scaling the furniture, don’t panic! It’s just a case of the zoomies. Cats can sleep for 16 hours a day, so, at some point, all that pent-up energy explodes.


4 They like to squeeze into small spaces

It’s amusing for us to watch, and cats do it to feel warm and safe. And those flexible spines of theirs let them squeeze into the tightest of spaces — no box is too small! 

5 They like to chatter

Ever notice your cat at the window endlessly chattering at a bird or bug outside? Some behaviorists think that it has something to do with his frustration at not being able to go out and catch the bird, while others think the quick movement of the jaw is an instinct allowing him to prepare his muscles for the act of killing prey. Either way, it’s an adorable vocalization. 

6 They’re little hoarders

How many times have you moved the couch to sweep and found a stash of your cat’s favorite toys? Or found a pile of them next to her water dish? Again, this is all instinct. And as for all those toys under the couch? She knows exactly where they are for safekeeping.

7 They give head-butts

When a kitty head-butts you, it’s his way of greeting you and letting you know he trusts you and feels safe. It’s also one of his methods of sharing facial pheromones with you. And it usually makes his human feel extra special.

8 They like to give massages

Kneading behavior is a throwback to kittenhood, when kittens kneaded their mother’s tummy to stimulate milk flow. In adulthood, it’s a sign that your cat is happy and content. So sit back, and enjoy the massage!

9 They always win staring contests

No one can stare like a cat. And while it can be a bit disconcerting, it’s also pretty cool. She’s not trying to control your mind (well, probably not), she’s more than likely just trying to get your attention so she can get some dinner.

10 They can turn anything into a toy

Even the most mundane of objects can give your cat hours of entertainment — crumpled pieces of paper, bottle caps, corks, even people food like carrot sticks or nuts. And speaking of nuts, get crackin’ and enter the BLUE Naturally Fresh Cat Litter contest to win a year’s worth of litter and have your cat star in BLUE Naturally Fresh Cat Litter’s “Nutty Things Only Cat Owners Will Understand” video! Go there now! 


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