10 Exquisite Cat Tumblrs You Should Follow ASAP


Tumblr is one of the best sources of cat-related content on the Web, but how do you navigate through the thousands of kitty pictures to find the cream of the crop?

You wait for us to do it.

Here, for your clicking pleasure, are 10 of our favorite feline-themed Tumblrs, which dish up their own unique take on cat culture — with a requisite side of cute.

1. Cute Boys with Cats

The original boys ‘n’ cats Tumblr that brought together two of our favorite subjects: kitties and the dudes who love them. CBwC has been a pioneer in the area of cat-man acceptance, and has made being a boy with a cat a source of pride.

2. The Kitten Covers

Far from being a one-hit wonder, the wizards behind this blog expertly pair classic album art with kitties, with pitch-purrfect results.

3. Cats. Where They Do Not Belong.

Created out of the idea that “there is not enough Internet space devoted to pictures of cats trying to fit into anything they can,” this humor blog takes reader-submitted pictures of cats and playfully adds their own captions, telling each cat why they need to get a move on.

4. Kitties & Bullsh*t

“I’m in your songs, making them about kitties.” So goes the “About” section of Kitties & Bullsh*t, where artist Sofia Falcon takes memorable song lyrics and runs them through her magical cat translator before matching them up with her equally brilliant kitty illustrations.

5. Meowoodle

Artist Richard Perez drew a picture of his cat during lunch one day, and wondered how other illustrators captured their cats’ personalities. The result was Meowoodle, a blog dedicated to a beautiful collection of drawings, doodles, and sketches of designers and illustrators’ cats.

6. Almost Famous Cats

Pop culture addicts who prefer their celebs with a side of kitty will delight in this Tumblr that features an extensive collection of rare shots between the rich and famous and the fab and furbulous.

7. The Fluffington Post

My most trusted news website is The Fluffington Post, “your #1 source for FLUFFY ANIMALS.” While not all of their posts revolve around kitties (dogs, squirrels, and ferrets are featured, too), it’s always important to see how the other half (or in this case, other species) lives.

8. Old-Timey Cats

If vintage cat imagery is more your thing, be sure to follow this blog, which scours the Net for an impressive array of photographs featuring felines from the past.

9. Bodega Cats

There’s nothing not to like about this repository of photos featuring the famed bodega cats who inhabit New York City’s corner grocery shops, where their primary duties include guarding against rodents and looking super cute.

10. Pusheen the Cat

Yes, she has been mentioned on Catster countless times, but I can’t stress how much you must follow this pudgy, animated cat. Her cat-toons (see: “Cat Etiquette“) are hilariously true, and will always give you something to reblog about.

Have another favorite cat-themed Tumblr that we simply must follow? Let us know in the comments!

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