10 Cats Who Want to “Help” With Laundry


Cats and laundry go together like giblets and gravy. What’s not to like? First of all, there are baskets … and the contents of the baskets are usually either dirty or warm. Of course cats want in on that business! Here are 10 cats who take their laundry “helping” jobs very seriously.

1. Big tipper

"You're welcome."
“You’re welcome.” Photo via Flickr

Because sometimes you need the basket tipped over so there’s easier access to the clothing. Cats know what a pain in the butt it is to have to reach directly into the laundry basket. They know we work hard and want to cut us a break. Bless their little hearts.

2. Managing to help

"Um, maybe grab a stain stick."
“Um, maybe grab a stain stick.” Photo via Flickr

Because sometimes you can’t perform laundry-related tasks without direct supervision. A cat would never call it “micromanagement,” although some humans might use that term. But the truth is, they’d never forgive themselves if we accidentally used bleach instead of detergent. These are real problems.

3. Hampering chores

"We'll let you know."
“We’ll let you know.” Photo via Flickr

Because sometimes we need to take a break from chores. Cats knows this and make it difficult for us to grab the dirty clothes hamper by lying on top of it. Thoughtful, right?

4. Warm regards

"Just like a spa, right?"
“Just like a spa, right?” Photo via Flickr

Because sometimes we want warm towels. Our cats love sleeping on top of warm laundry, so why wouldn’t they want us to have the pleasure of warm towels? A cat’s body heat warms a towel right up; however, we’d need to use the towel pretty much right away if we want to take full advantage of the warmth. Cats tell us, “That’s your problem.”

5. Sorting it out

"Somebody needs to take away your laundry license."
“Somebody needs to take away your laundry license.” Photo via Flickr

Because sometimes we can’t possibly sort laundry all by ourselves. Kitties know colors and whites don’t mix, and they’ll plop on top of a red article just to make sure we don’t accidentally screw up our favorite white cardigan. Thanks, cats!

6. Location services

“Here!” Photo via Flickr

Because sometimes we need help finding laundry baskets. Cats readily locate the empty baskets and look extra cute while sitting inside them. They don’t just do this for the sake of giving us a moment of “squee” — they know we probably wouldn’t have located the basket if they hadn’t drawn our attention to it. How lucky are we? Of course, kitties need time to fully “inspect” the basket before we can use it. That typically means a nap or three. It’s a fair trade, I’d say.

7. Temp position

Cats have hard jobs.
Cats have hard jobs. Photo via Flickr

Because sometimes we need to make sure the heat from the dryer is warm enough to adequately dry our clothing. Cats are highly knowledgeable about all things warm, so they’re the perfect quality control agents to check our dryer temperature. If not for them, we’d probably all be walking around wearing wet clothing.

8. Double load

"You'll get my bill."
“You’ll get my bill.” Photo via Flickr

Because sometimes our laundry problems are too big for just one cat. Some of us humans are too far gone for one single “assistant.” In these cases, cats have to call in backup to make sure we’re not headed for a complete laundry disaster. These secondary helpers usually charge a nominal fee.

9. In someone else’s drawers

"I know you're not putting a sweatshirt in here."
“I know you’re not about to put a sweatshirt in here.” Photo via Flickr

Because sometimes we put away clothing all wrong. Cats won’t allow us to stuff a drawer too full because then they’d have no room for sliding in for a nap. Well, we know that’s the reason they monitor the drawer situation; however, they continue to claim that we humans are simply “drawer-loading challenged.”

10. Hanging around

"I went to school for this."
“I went to school for this.” Photo via Flickr

Because sometimes our clothes hangers become incredibly tangled. Cats want our clothes-hanging experience to be seamless, which can’t happen if our hangers are connected to one another in one giant clump. No worries — they do their very best to spend time with them until they’re fit to use … maybe.

Do your cats “help” with laundry? Tell us about it in the comments!

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