Kitten Cam: There Goes Your Productivity


Hey, you! Over there, on the computer! Yeah, we see you. Whatcha doing? Some work? Updating some spreadsheets? Answering some e-mails? You’ve got five seconds, don’t you? Want to see something totally adorable? Of course you do …

Then check out the Seven Kittens kitten cam. Yeah, you heard us: It’s a 24/7 live cam where you can log on anytime to watch cute kittens do cute kitten things like sleep, play, sleep, poop, sleep, play, and sleep some more. (Warning: If you do a web search for “seven kittens,” the first site that appears is, um, NSFW — so look carefully before you click.)

Live stream by Ustream

The kittens were born June 7, so they’re almost a month old. Their mama is a stray named Noodles whom a family in Pennsylvania found and gave a safe space so she could have her babies comfortably. Once the kittens are old enough, the family hopes to find them responsible furever homes with people who will care for and love them. The family who is hosting the kitten cam urges pet families to spay and neuter their animal companies for happier, healthier lives … because yes, kittens are cute, but it’s not cute when they can’t find homes and meet bad ends because there simply aren’t enough loving families to go around.

We’re glad that Noodles found these people, though — these are some lucky stray kittens who will end up with homes.

Okay, enough Awww-ing! Back to work!

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