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8 Photos of Cats Who Are Ready for Their Hot Dates

Collars, bandanas, bow ties, wigs -- even rose petals: These cats get dolled up for the big night out.

Angie Bailey  |  Apr 13th 2017

We all like to get dolled up for date night. It feels good to know you look good, and that confidence shines right through. I remember when I first started dating my now boyfriend, and I changed outfits about 23,987 times before I thought I looked just so. Of course, I still like to look nice when we go out, but the nervousness of the first dates always seemed to make me a little more self-conscious. I’m sure I’m not alone in this line of thinking.

I can’t help but believe that cats would have the same high expectations of themselves while getting ready for a hot date. They’d want to look their best, hoping to wow the feline on their arm.

Here are photos of eight cats who are ready for a hot date with that special someone.

1. Beatrice

"Mother would be proud."

“Mother would be proud.” Photo via Flickr

Beatrice hoped her second date with Leonard would be extra special. Their first date was fun, but he dropped her home without so much as a butt sniff. She decided to kick it up a notch and wear her mother’s vintage green collar with the jingle bell. It had always brought her luck when she wore it on special occasions, and she hoped that’d be the case with Leonard.

2. Junior

Four-stepping into a new relationship.

Four-stepping into a new relationship. Photo via Flickr

Junior liked four-stepping in the parking lot behind Home Depot. He’d taken Francine dancing there twice, and he was sure he felt a strong connection. He knew she liked a masculine man-cat with flair, so he took a chance with the light gray bandana. He hadn’t worn it since he broke up with Sassafras, which was still a painful memory, but he was certain it would help him move on.

3. Meadow

"Look for me, mon amour."

“Look for me, mon amour.” Photo via Flickr

Meadow was a hopeless romantic. Her friend Beatrice set her up on a blind date with Isaac, a newly single tabby who lived across town. They agreed to meet on her patio at sundown. She’d sent him poetry and he’d replied with a few simple haikus. She was smitten and nervous for their first meeting. All she told him was, “I’ll be the one with the rose petals.” He replied with a purple heart emoji.

4. Bert

Bert is thankful for silent auctions.

Bert is thankful for silent auctions. Photo via Flickr

Bert won two tickets to the opera at a silent auction, and he invited his neighbor Gloria to accompany him. They’d known each another for a couple of years, and there had always been slight flirtation between the two. Bert would sometimes stare at her house from the dining room window, and she’d sometimes stare back at him. He hoped the box seats would impress her and lead to something slightly more intimate.

5. Sandra

"I don't wear this dress for just any tom."

“I don’t wear this dress for just any tom.” Photo via Flickr

Sandra liked the simple life, so when Vince suggested a picnic of cheese and sardines, she was instantly smitten. She wore her favorite summer dress and packed freshly baked catnip pie. They both hoped for ants.

6. Sylvia

"Screw Carl."

“Screw Carl.” Photo via Flickr

Sylvia hadn’t been on a date in months. Her last relationship was a disaster, leaving her jaded. Carl was a bit of a pig, and he never cleaned the litter from between his toes. He also batted every single one of her tiny toy mice underneath the refrigerator. She wasn’t sure she was ready to take another chance on love. Then she met Neil and was immediately drawn to his impeccably clean toes. He made a reservation at Bon Chat, and she accepted.

7. Vivian

"I can't wait for Gino to see my hair."

“I can’t wait for Gino to see my hair.” Photo via Flickr

Vivian had been dating Gino for nearly a year, and she believed their relationship had grown a bit stale. She decided to freshen things up with a new hairdo. She was worried because it was such a departure from her natural style. What she didn’t know was that Gino would show up with pizza and an engagement ring.

8. Lester

Lester takes a chance.

Lester takes a chance. Photo via Flickr

Lester was a plain sort of cat who thought it was high time to reinvent himself. He locked eyes with a cool-looking Siamese in the waiting room of the vet clinic, and he knew it was true love. For their first date, he thought the flashy pink scarf would do the trick. It did.

What would your cat wear on his or her hot date? Tell us in the comments!