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5 Games Cats Would Play at New Year’s Eve Parties

Musical boxes, Twister, and even drinking games? Cats would get their New Year's game on with these and other feline party games.

Angie Bailey  |  Dec 28th 2015

Many humans enjoy a good party on New Year’s Eve. They drink, eat, wear funny hats, blow silly horns, play games, and then kiss people — usually people they know — as the long arm of the clock strikes them into the new year.

Parties are fun, and I’ve attended my share of them; however, I’m not someone who stays up until midnight … any day of the year. New Year’s Eve, you’re not special! I kiss my cats on the lips and hit the sack around 10. I mean, the new year will come whether I’m awake or asleep — why mess with my delicate sleeping patterns? I think Baby New Year totally understands.

When I do attend parties — even for a few hours — my favorite activity is game-playing. I’ve always been a fanatic about board games, charades, cards, and any type of interactive entertainment, especially when it involves lots of laughter. If cats were to gather for their own New Year’s Eve celebrations, I definitely think there would be games involved. They’d put a feline spin on them, though.

Here are five ways cats would get their game on at New Year’s Eve parties.

1. “First one asleep” prank

"Guys! He's asleep!"

“Guys! He’s asleep!” Photo by Shutterstock

This is typically the type of shenanigan that happens during human slumber parties or at summer camp, but since cats would likely nap during a New Year’s Eve party, it’d be a perfect fit there as well. In the human version, we’d go after the first one asleep by placing their hand in warm water, hoping their bladder would cut loose — or we’d place something like whipped cream or toothpaste on their hand and then tickle their face. Ha ha!

The cat version of this prank could include dipping her paw in gravy and then tickling her face until she became annoyed and swatted the prankster’s paw. Except the tricky kitty would move away just in time, and the sleeping cat would whack themselves with a gravy paw. At first glance, the victim would be all, “Gravy! Cool!” But then the truth would reveal itself. This little prank meant the cat would spend the rest of the party obsessively bathing himself, thereby missing all the fun … and any more snooze time.

2. Twister

Cats practice for Twister all year long.

Cats practice for Twister all year long. Photo by Shutterstock

Cats were made for games like Twister. Their bodies can curl in just about any direction, so they’d have no trouble placing their left-front paw on the green circle while touching their right-back paw to the red circle on the opposite side of the mat.

I see only three problems with a feline game of Twister:

  • Since cats are so flexible, the game might go on forever, with no clear winner.
  • The game could break out into a full-blown wrestling match.
  • Cats hate to follow directions, so they may ignore the cat holding the spinner.

3. Musical boxes

"I've been waiting all night for this one."

“I’ve been waiting all night for this one.” Photo by Shutterstock

A game with boxes? Cat are in! They wouldn’t even need any music — they’d simply spend the evening moving from box to box. Sometimes a cat would oust another from one box, sending them on to do the same to the next cat down the line. No rules, really — just a bunch of cats and a bunch of boxes. Party!

4. Drinking games


“Drink!” Photo by Shutterstock

Some people’s shindigs include drinking games. They play quarters or drink when Norm drinks on an episode of Cheers (I’m dating myself). Cats, however, wouldn’t play their drinking games in quite the same way. First of all, their “shots” would be water that came from a dripping faucet, fountain, bowl, or even a fancy cup of water. Then, they might have rules that go something like this:

Take a drink if:

  • Your ear flips inside out.
  • You come back from the litter box with a dingleberry stuck to your bottom.
  • Your tongue is still sticking out after a cleaning.
  • You bat a toy under a piece of furniture.

 5. Staring

"Come at me, bro."

“Come at me, bro.” Photo by Shutterstock

Cats are experts in the ways of staring. Have you ever attempted a staring contest with a cat? No doubt you’ve lost. At cat parties, things would get real when professionals would go head-to-head in staring throwdowns that’d last well into the wee hours of the morning. Cats don’t like to lose.

What types of games would your cats play at a feline New Year’s Eve party? Tell us in the comments!

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