Am I part Ocicat?


Purred: Fri Oct 17, '08 7:21pm PST 
I am Stella wave, and Mom can't decide what my breed is. She's pretty positive I'm mixed with another breed of some sort, I was adopted and those people called me a DSH. That's pretty general, and Mom wants a more detailed breed idea.
I've got tiger stripes on my legs, but a spotted back. And Mom can see multi-colors on one strand of fur when she looks.
I love people, it takes me a visit or two to warm up to someone new, but I never hide from new visitors. I have moved six times in my two year life, Mom assumed I was good at it because I'd done it so many times but reads Ocicats are adapters. Most of my moves have been into households with cats and I've always gotten along with them, even adopting a kitten at one of the houses. I taught him how to talk like me! I talk quite a bit, Mom & Dad call it "trumpeting" or meowing with my mouth closed. I have a specific sound for when I jump into Mom's lap too.
I'm not a fan of being home alone, usually dad is here with me, but when he wakes up early and goes out all day I let him hear about it when he gets home.
I have had gingivitis ever since Mom got me, doctors have said it's not bad enough to fix.
What do you guys think? Might I be one of you?


Purred: Sun Dec 27, '09 2:45pm PST 
It sounds like you might be part Ocicat, you certainly have a lot of the characteristics.