Who likes to talk and at what time?


Purred: Thu Feb 1, '07 10:38pm PST 
I just learned how to talk like a wild cat. I just had a cat show and was next to some bengals who loved to talk, talk and talk. For the last two years my dad has never heard a peep out of me except for a small brrrR sound that I make when I want attention or food. But once a week for the last month I have been practicing talking like the Bengals at the show. I wait untill about 3 am, then practice time. youls, mowes, lots of brrrrs, mow,mow,mow. its really funnie dad comes running in thinking somthing is wrong and it is just me...looking cute, wide awake and proud of my new skills...I can talk now.. %big grin


Purred: Thu Feb 28, '08 3:46pm PST 
I like to talk all the time. I'm especially noisy when my "owner" comes home at night and I know I'm getting treats. kitty


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Purred: Sun Mar 2, '08 5:50pm PST 
I talk all the time. I know it drives mom nuts and she's always asking me what's wrong. If I do it enough then she gives me a treat or a chin scratch. One of my favorite things to do is to talk to her when she gets home from work (I've heard her tell her friends I'm bitching at her; well, I wouldn't go that far-- I'm just telling her to hurry up and get my dinner). After dinner, I sit by her and tell her about my day. I always talk to her when she's on the phone, I usually talk extra loud then. In the evening I talk while doing my security patrols around the condo and for more attention (I'm more important and interesting than the computer or the tv). When I wake her in the middle of the night and in the morning, I do it by jumping on her and meowing in her face. I have quite the meow repertoire and will even give a little "mawmaw" which is my way of saying "mommy" (I get extra attention when I do that). Mom's friends all say I am the most vocal cat they've ever heard; I know they mean that as a compliment.


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I like to talk all of the time but mainly mealtimes and when my meowmy comes home from being with her mentor in the afternoon or when my grandmeowmy comes home from work or at bedtime when I am trying to tell meowmy it is time for her to go to bed and time for me to play. I just love to talk and meowmy likes it if she is not trying to sleep when I want to talk. She talk right back to me in cat talk or she tries to anyway.