Getting Desperate - need to rehome cat in Austin TX area.

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I need to rehome my beloved kitty ASAP. I have been trying to find a place for her on my own for the last three or four weeks. So far no takers, the cat rescues are full to the brim with kittens (feral and otherwise). I am now missing days of work because of pain.

She is spayed, chipped, trained to use scratchers, sweet, purrs, loves to sleep on your belly, loves to play then curl up and sleep with you. She hasn't been around dogs, don't know how she would do with small children but she was with other cats before I got her. She is an indoor cat. I trim her front claws about every 2 weeks, back claws about every 6 weeks so she is used to that. She is NOT declawed, I won't give her to someone who would consider declawing her.

She will need her yearly exam/shots in 4 months and I will help with the cost of that or waive rehoming fees. Also have multiple scratchers, toys, a large cat tree/condo and 7 days worth of food.

I will check back later to see if anyone has any ideas for this area. Thanks in advance.

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I would highly suggest you speaking with local vets, and asking to put up her picture/posting.

Placing cats takes time. When we fostered Delilah, we found her a home after a month, but we were showing her with a local rescue. Ask rescues if they would allow you to list her as a coutesy lisiting and explain it's an emergency.

Contact Best Friends animal organization, they have local rescues they work with and may be able to send out a local blast for her. They also have an extensive online community.

You need to be patient and network as much as possible.