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Purred: Sat Sep 2, '06 7:29pm PST 
We used to have a littermaid litter box, but my poo would always get stuck in the little rake thing and mommy hated trying to clean that out! Sometimes the rake would get stuck in it and rake back and forth and drive mommy crazy! You can only use a little bit of litter in and she found that the litter box would get dirty under the litter from pee and get stinky. We scrubbed ours and then sold it on ebay! I guess some like it and some don't, but it didn't work for us. Plus Matilda was scared of all the noise it made! We wouldn't recommend it.

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Purred: Sat Sep 2, '06 7:47pm PST 
we have two littermaids but they are not the automatic kind. It is the littermaid litter center. http://littermaid.com/showproducts.asp the tray is removable so it works great with holding the liners in place and it is nice to just push a lever to put more litter in the tray.

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Purred: Sat Sep 2, '06 8:30pm PST 
Thanks for all the feedback about the Litter Maids. Since my little brother Sindri is a fraidy cat, I don't know if he'd go near one or not. That would mean I'd have the whole thing to myself! Mommy has a lot of thinking to do before she invests so much money in a litter box! She had concerns about the poo getting caught up in the rake in the automatic one. I suppose there are pros and cons to everything, though smile


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Purred: Sat Sep 2, '06 11:21pm PST 
We don't really use litter anymore (we are potty trained) But, mom used to use (and still does sometimes in the citkitty) SWHEAT SCOOP! It is made from wheat and is all natural. We loved it and so did mom smile It is good for us...and good for her! It smells "sweet" too. Clumps easy and doesn't track at all! We liked it.


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Purred: Sun Sep 3, '06 8:53am PST 
Momma recently switched us over to World's Best Cat Litter. She likes that it makes really solid clumps but we track dust all over the sofa. It works really well at covering the smell for a week or so then just starts to stink.

I'll tell her to try Swheat Scoop or crystals or pine stuff when this bag runs out.


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Purred: Sun Sep 3, '06 10:28am PST 
Thanks for all the feedback!!!

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Purred: Sun Sep 3, '06 2:35pm PST 
I would just like to add in about the LitterMaid Boxes-- it is so SO very important for our humans to moniter what we do in the litter box. With those LitterMaid boxes, how would they know if we had not peed in a few days or had diarrhea? Some cats are so private about their litter box usage and will not go in front of the humans, or they tolerate pain and illness so well that problems in the litter box is the only indication that something is wrong. So unless da humans are scooping, how will they know if there is anything wrong with us? That is very important. The littermaids get rid of the evidence before anyone gets a chance to check it out!!! xoxo, Phoebe

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Purred: Sun Sep 3, '06 4:27pm PST 
We use the EverFresh variety of EverClean litter (Pet Co) and it works great...even for us 3 big boys. EverFresh used to be its own brand but is now available under the EverClean label. It is low dust and really controls odor. Mom uses a litter mat made by Cats Rule (catsrule.com) which does a great job of minimizing tracking and you can cut it to fit whatever space your litter box is in. Mom loved the idea of Swheat Scoop but my brothers and I didn't think it was so great. She also thought Swheat Scoop was super dusty.


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Purred: Mon Sep 4, '06 8:28pm PST 
I've already tried Feline Pine, but Tater here didn't seem to go for it--it absorbed the urine odor pretty well, but he wouldn't bury his solid waste, which meant the whole room stunk (I live in an apartment, and the box is in my bedroom). I guess it was the pellet-like texture. So I got some Tidy Cats Small Spaces and it works great for controlling odor, though it is a little dusty. I wish I could find a more environmentally-friendly alternative that actually controls odor! Any advice for when I run out of the Tidy Cats? I was a little leery of dropping more money on an alternative litter until I had some testimonials of what worked well in small rooms and what didn't.


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Purred: Mon Sep 4, '06 9:50pm PST 
Mom uses Drs. Foster/Smith GreenCare recylced paper litter. It smells so fresh every time and is nice to dig through. It costs a lot more than regular litter, but we are SOO worth it!

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