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We won’t lie to you, all the girls here at Catster HQ are completely nuts about Luna the Fashion Kitty, an emerging Facebook cat-lebrity. We sneak onto Facebook several times a day to see Luna’s amazing outfits and to give her virtual high-paws for her accept-no-crap-from-nobody attitude. She has dubbed herself America’s Top Cat Model and holy cupcakes, does she ever live up to the hype. We heart her big and even drink our morning tea out of “Dress Fur Impress” Luna mugs (see photo at right) at our desks.

Luna got her start on the web as a YouTube kitty, and her videos have collected close to 200,000 views since 2008. In September of 2010 she joined Facebook and now maintains presences on both sites — she also recently launched her own. It’s pretty spiffy, so we weren’t surprised to learn that her mom is the director for a tech company in Arizona.

This cream point Himalayan has been collecting fashionable ensembles since she was mere months old, so strutting her stuff in everything from colorful tutus to form-flattering dresses is something she’s quite accustomed to. She’s dressed up so often that she looks positively naked when “in the fur”!

We caught up with Luna and her mom, and they took time out of their busy Facebook-updating schedule (seriously, check them out for the cute contests alone) to dish on Luna’s wardrobe and the best way cat parents can get their felines to pose for the camera.

Without further stalling, heeere’s Luna:

Luna, looking fabulous.
CATSTER: Tell us a little bit about your background. What was it like moving from Mexico to Arizona?

LUNA: I was about eight months old when I moved and THANK GOD I was already used to traveling, so the travel was fine and also, I was already bilingual so I didn’t struggle with the language! I was SUPER EXCITED to come to Arizona and being able to shop at sooo many places fur be honest!

CATSTER: When did you first realize you loved dressing up?

LUNA: Since I was three months old — I remember my furrst dress! From the furrst moment, I loved it! I didn’t feel heavy or anything like other fur kids.

Luna receives some new bows in the mail.
CATSTER: Who are your favorite fashion icons or designers?

LUNA: I’m my own fashion icon, OF COURSE! I do like several designers it all depends on my mood, you know? But everyPAWdy knows that I love my Juicy Couture! I would DIE if Chanel had a fur kids line fur those days that I feel classy and chic!

CATSTER: What is your biggest frustration when shopping for cat-sized clothing?

LUNA: Uugghh just to remember makes me annoys! What I hate more is when I love a dress that have a bone or say “bark,” “fetch,” etc. Doggies DOMINATE the fashion fur kids world, so it makes my shopping experience challenging fur say the least.

Luna, preparing to hit TJ Maxx in Arizona.
CATSTER: You and your mom shop together quite a bit. Which stores are the coolest for a shopping kitty? And which ones were not so cat-friendly?

LUNA: OMG I have sooo many stores on my love list!

  • Tj Maxx — They love me and even follow me on twitter!
  • Nordstrom
  • Macy’s
  • MAC Cosmetics — I ADORE them because they don’t test on animals and neither do their ingredients suppliers, How PAWsome is that??
  • Old Navy
  • Michael’s
  • Ross
  • Kohl’s
  • Big Lots
  • and Victoria Secret just fur name a few…

Fur be honest I go everywhere and see if they kick me out! LOL Ikea was super cool the furst time BUT then I went and they KICK ME OUT! HOW THEY DARE?! Jo Ann is on my blacklist too! Shocking? I know! They sell fabrics! Normally purrsons think I am fake so that’s handy fur sneak in!

Shopping with mom.
CATSTER: Do you have any advice for cats who want to start shopping with their people too?

LUNA: Yes! LOVE your carrier! If you feel safe and comfurrtable in your carrier, you will feel at home in any place!

CATSTER: Does your Mom take you to church every Sunday? How old were you when you first started going to mass with her?

LUNA: Yes, I do go every Sunday and I’m very quiet and respectful the whole time, I purrmiss!! One time somebody at church saw me and told my momma I couldn’t go so I just became “illegal” at mass but recently my momma asked purrmision to the priest and he said, “I don’t know of any rule against fur kids at mass.” I started going when I move to the states because here the church has the AC on all the time! God understands!

Luna, after mass.
CATSTER: Is there a special man-cat in your life right now?

LUNA: Oh no! My momma say that I’m too young fur dating (oh this woman don’t let me breathe!!!) Fur be honest I don’t want to break any hearts, so I like to be their FURever unreachable love. LOL!

CATSTER: What is your favorite outfit at this moment? (Also, do you have a favorite color?)

LUNA: OMG this question is soo hard because, lets face it, I look AMAZING in everything! I love all colors, can’t choose one, love them all!

CATSTER: How many outfits do you estimate you have in your closet?

LUNA: Uff let’s say more than 200 easily. I should be in one of those Guinness records!

Luna’s extensive wardrobe.
CATSTER: Do you get recognized a lot in public? What is the best place in Chandler, AZ, for people to hang out if they want to catch a glimpse of you?

LUNA: Yes I get recognized in the places I go a lot like Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, Starbucks, Petsmart, etc., I think the best place fur seeing me is after mass because I go every Sunday at the same time, also I try to go to TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack after mass on Sunday.

Luna’s bow collection.
We also had a few questions for Luna’s main stylist, a.k.a. her Mom, Rocio:

CATSTER: Does Luna have a “camera face”? It seems to us that every time she poses for the camera she sticks her tongue out a little bit. Are we just seeing things?

LUNA’S MOM: Oh yes, she does! Luna poses for the camera; she looks right into the camera and looks for the best lighting. She does different poses and freezes till she hears the click of the camera, then she moves again. I need to make a video of her behind the scenes!

CATSTER: What are the best ways to get a fussy cat to sit still and pose?

LUNA’S MOM: REWARDS! If your fur kid knows that she will get a little treat for posing, believe me, she will do it! Luna is a diva — I don’t have to give her treats for posing, she loves to be praised! I must admit that I have to give her some treats when she is wearing hats; she just wears them for the shoots.

I shake my little tush on the catwalk.
CATSTER: Do people ever give you trouble for dressing up your cat? Or do they think she’s amazingly adorable most of the time?

LUNA’S MOM: YES but not very often! I believe people can see clearly that Luna is not being mad or abused in any way, shape or form, it shows that she is a happy kitty with an unusual and fabulous fashion taste!

Luna’s Easter outfit.
CATSTER: Whose idea was it to put Luna on Facebook?

LUNA’S MOM: It was my idea. First I started posting videos of Luna on YouTube showing Luna’s tricks, but I wasn’t happy that people couldn’t experience Luna in her daily life, which is so unique, from getting ready to work to going shopping, etc. Also, I thought that Facebook was the best way to show off her amazing wardrobe with everybody.

Her fan page has evolved so much. It’s not about showing Luna’s clothes anymore, it’s much more than that. I think Luna is the cutest cyber therapist around, and her Rescue Persian Project is teaching the world that these kinds of kitties are also in need.

Fan mail? Or more outfits?
CATSTER: Has Luna ever maxed out your credit card?

LUNA’S MOM: Not yet, but I need to keep a close eye on her!

Who, me?!
Photo Credit: All photos courtesy of Luna the Fashion Kitty

About the Author: Janine Kahn is Catster and Dogster’s Managing Editor. She lives in San Francisco with her Italian Greyhound, Moxie, and has three kitty nephews, Earl Grey, Warren and Theodore. In past lives, Janine wrangled web copy for Village Voice Media, the Los Angeles Times and the Online Journalism Review.

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