Gear Guides: The Best Cat Toys, Beds, Treats and More


With so many cat products on the market, however is one to decide what to take home for the kitties? Here, for your perusal, is our series of gear guides for treats, toys, litter and everything in between:

Five Must-Have Cat Toys – Play is a crucial part of your cat’s development, and if she’s the only cat in the house, she needs to play with you. Here are five of our favorite interactive toys…

How to Find the Perfect Cat Bed

Choosing the Best Cat Tree – Cats love to have vertical space and buying a cat tree is the easiest way to accommodate kitty’s urge to climb and save your furniture at the same time. In order to make your pet’s cat tree experience a good one, take these very important things into account…

Five Essential Cat Grooming Tools – A groomed cat will yield a fur-free home and a happier pet. To achieve that goal, you’ll need the proper tools. There are more than five cat grooming tools out there, but here are the most essential items for any cat owner’s home…

Picking the Right Cat Litter – The cat is one of the rare pets that understands how to use a bathroom facility almost from infancy. Learn your litter options…

Buying the Right Cat Carrier – Also known as a pet taxis, cat carriers come in all shapes and sizes. They range in price and durability from collapsible cardboard to high-end designer brands. How will you find the right carrier for your cat? Read on…

Choosing a Healthy Cat Treat – With as many as 40 to 50 percent of cats suffering from obesity, cat treats should be rationed judiciously. Here’s how to decide which bag to grab…

Tools You’ll Need for a Pet First Aid Kit – You can purchase pre-prepared pet first aid kits or make your own. If you’re going the D.I.Y. route, here are the items you’ll need…

Photo: Sneaker Dog

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