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Your cat’s name says as much about you as it does your pet. A more human name might mean your cat is just like a child to you, while other names might better illustrate a beloved quality of your pet’s, be it physical (think “Patches” or “Blackie”) or part of his personality (“Dash” or “Sugar”). An offbeat name effectively displays your cleverness to your friends, while a popular, well-worn cat name might indicate a desire to cling to the comfortable, classic, tried and true.

But whether you’re thinking quirky or popular, here are some things to keep in mind when naming your cat:

  1. Choose a name kitty can recognize and respond to easily. One or two syllables is ideal. It’s hard enough to get a cat’s attention without a name like “Maximillian IV.”

  2. Pick a name your pet can grow into. “Baby” the kitten won’t be a baby forever.

  3. A classic name will be easier to call your cat in front of friends and family as opposed to something borderline embarrassing.

  4. If you must name your cat something long, keep the shorter “call name” in mind, as that will most likely become your cat’s working name.

If you’re curious about what’s popular in the cat name world, here are the top cat names on

Popular Female Cat Names: Chloe, Lucy, Bella, Kitty, Princess, Molly, Sophie, Angel, Lily and Baby

Popular Male Cat Names: Tigger, Max, Tiger, Smokey, Oliver, Buddy, Jack, Charlie, Simba and Shadow

Photo: Sherry’s Rose Cottage

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