Pet Obesity

Pet Obesity Still a Big Issue


The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention recently released its survey statistics for 2018, which found that 59.5% of cats and 55.8% of dogs in the United States are classified as overweight or obese.

Cats beat out dogs in obesity — 33.8% of all cats falling in the category of obese (for dogs, it’s 18.9%). The numbers are mostly unchanged from 2017, and the survey also found that pet owners want more advice from their veterinarians about pet nutrition.

Only 38% of owners reported that their vet had recommended a routine/maintenance diet to feed their pet.

“Veterinarians need to understand obesity is a disease and offer more treatment options than diet and exercise,” says APOP president, veterinarian Ernie Ward. “Pet owners have an overwhelming number of diet choices and are often confused by the nutritional advice they see online.”

Dr. Ward also notes that pet owners may be embarrassed or feel judged due to “fat shaming” and don’t want to ask their vet about obesity, or vets are afraid they’ll offend pet owners by bringing up the topic.

10 thoughts on “Pet Obesity Still a Big Issue”

  1. Great headline, a few good stats. But really no answers, or anything helpful. I was hoping to see some links with suggestions on how to reduce food, and how to go about doing so. So Cat Staff (as I am opposed to being just a cat owner to 4 furballs). To look up information.
    I have one we struggle to keep her weight in range severe IBD, so takes monthly Vitamin B12 shots and liquid prednisolone for flare-ups.
    One is at perfect weight
    One slightly overweight
    One is truly Obese, who also has severe lung disease and asthma. 4 years ago had two lobes of the 8 lung lobes removed.
    My point and I know lots of cat people have this type of issues. Is having somewhere to find really good information on how to slowly reduce food intake.

    Two things I have found through Experience. Is feeding dishes raised off the floor, make them slow down when eating. You do not want the cats to be able to lie down when eating.
    If you buy one of the dishes that is like a puzzle to make cats slow down while eating. Make sure cats cannot flip to make food come out. Squeaky my Obese cat has figured out all the puzzle ones, the ones in balls she can take apart to get to food. Funny in a sad way.

    1. That was exactly my thought! I have an 18 month old male who is begging for 1 1/2 to 2 cans of cat food a day plus crunchies between… Seems a bit much to me, so I don’t do it. However, he is growing and isn’t fat. He’s 36″ nose to tail and 13″ floor to back…. I am guessing 20 pounds. The vet said he would be a really big cat when he was 4 months old.

      I have no idea if I am feeding for him to continue growing or overfeeding to make him fat. I read hoping to prevent obesity. He’s is totally indoors and doesn’t get enough exercise. :(

      Still hoping for ideas… A grid. A scale. something.

      1. I have a multiple cat household, 13 at the moment age ranging from 7 months to 13 years, and I am wondering has he been wormed recently? Sometimes this will fix the begging for more food when you are feeding them an adequate diet. I use Milbemax as this seems to agree with everyone in my cat household and the pills are small and for cats who are ‘nil by mouth!’ I can slip it into their meal and they don’t notice it. Also if you are feeding dry food the biscuits will make them fat if they eat more than required for their age etc. At 18 months he should be settled more in his diet. The canned food might not be supplying all the nutrients your boy needs. I feed my cats a commercial food, plus boiled beef mince (no salt or pepper – no seasonings) with plenty of water, just a large spoonful of this and some Hills Science Diet biscuits for the cat’s age etc. Not too many biscuits though. The boiled mince beef adds extra water to the diet as well as protein and some fat that they need. I find that if I just fed them the commercial food in cans or sachets the cats are always hungry but the spoonful of boiled minced beef stops them begging for food all day. Check out the worming though. Good luck.

    2. Just like all these types of magazine articles. Heavy on headline, short on advice. But I don’t suppose Caster cares, so long as they sell the magsine……!

    3. I have a 6 year old Siamese female *Savannah* 16lbs, Not Good!
      I have 2 other female cats { Savannah cats 4 & 5 years} All cats are spayed
      PROBLEM: Savannah, she is a food Vacuum, she’ll eat her food & go to the other dishes & eat their food, plus she will even try to eat the dog’s food,
      HOW do I get & help Savannah lose weight & stop her from eatting everyone’s food?
      I play with her the other cats TRY to play with her but she doesnt want toplay with them.
      I need help with Savannah’s weight. I dont want her sick
      Please help me,
      {Jackson Galaxy} Than You *Donna*

  2. You may want to get the video “Dead Pets Don’t Lie”. It discusses the things rendering plants supply which are very harmful to your pets. There are too many ingredients to name which are included for the pets that you love. It is by SkyWatchTV.

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