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Cats More Susceptible to COVID Than Dogs


Although both dogs and cats can become infected with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), cats may catch COVID more readily than dogs, according to a study published in June in the scientific journal Virulence.

University of Minnesota researcher Dr. Hinh Ly teamed up with his wife Yuying Liang, also with UM, to test cats and dogs for COVID antibodies, which can show whether the animals had been previously infected.

In the end, they found COVID antibodies in 8% of the cats they tested. Less than 1% of dogs tested had anti-bodies to coronavirus.

4 thoughts on “Cats More Susceptible to COVID Than Dogs”

  1. Cats contract Feline Coronavirus and it’s common. It becomes a problem if it mutates to FIP. A deadly disease. A cat’s respiratory system is different than a dog and it makes them more susceptible to respiratory infections. Some Big cats are known to have tested positive for COVID as well as domestic cats. I’m wondering if it due to respiratory systems in cats in general???

  2. Cats have a respiratory system that is very different from dogs. They can contract Feline Coronavirus and that can lead to more serious problems such as a mutation known as FIP. A cat’s respiratory system is different than dogs and they are more susceptible to respiratory infections. COVID has affected some cats and big cats so it would make sense that domestic cats could also be infected with the strain.From research I’ve done, I found that it doesn’t affect cats the way it does humans.

    1. Since this is not a zoonotic disease it needs to be SAID! The scare tactics by media have been in full swing for 2 years! And you print this! For those not informed correctly cats may lose their homes!! I suggest your delete the above it has no educational value especially for those not informed!

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