Stay Warm with Wildfox Couture’s Cat Sweatshirt at Refinery29

This cute kitty pullover is perfect for lounging with a bit of cat-lady flair.

Stephanie Harwin  |  Nov 30th 2012

It’s freezing out, you’re stuffed full of eggnog and Aunt Gertie’s fruitcake, and all you want to do is curl up and marathon the latest season of your favorite show, which finally came out on DVD. You can throw on some tired-looking sweatshirt that’s probably been around since your high school gym class days, or opt for a fashionable pullover that gives you cat lady cred to boot!

Wildfox Couture, a brand known for its fun, feline-inspired fashions, has designed an exclusive party cat pullover for Refinery29, which is purrfect for pairing with leggings for a Christmas Eve gift run or bumming around the house eating peanut butter off a spoon. The gray top is super soft and slouchy, and features a larger-than-life electric purple feline with huge blue eyes — a far cry from your granny’s vintage kitty sweater!

The sweatshirt is available online through the Refinery29 website. Buy one for yourself or for the kitty lover in your life who covets all things cat chic!